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California State University, Long Beach
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General Policies and Regulations

If you have a Problem, We want to Help

The California State University, Long Beach Health Center offers substance abuse programs for students, faculty and staff. These include: a Student Assistance Program for students; and Employee Assistance Program for faculty and staff; and an Athletic Assistance Program for student athletes (offered as a separate program due to NCAA testing and eligibility requirements and conference affiliation rules for competition).

An experienced and specially trained therapist under the supervision of the Medical Director serves as the coordinator and counselor for these programs, and medical doctors, other health professionals, and counseling psychologists are available for consultation. All contacts with the Health Center and professional personnel are confidential.

Information concerning the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation programs may be obtained from Ralph Davis, Student Health Services, (562) 985-5859.

The California State University, Long Beach Health Center is located at the corner of State University Drive and Merriam Drive. The telephone number is (562) 985‑4771.

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General Policies and Regulations