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California State University, Long Beach
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Financial Assistance

Academic Responsibilities for Aid Recipients

Aid recipients must:

  • 1. be in good academic standing;
  • 2. make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree by earning credit for units attempted each semester; and
  • 3. remain within the maximum time frame for the degree program in which the student is enrolled.

Aid eligibility is governed by the number of units attempted and successfully completed with a passing grade ("D" or better). Students who do not satisfactorily complete enough of their attempted units may be placed on financial aid probation or disqualified from receiving aid.

Most aid recipients enroll in a full‑time program of study carrying 12 undergraduate units or 9 graduate level units (500‑level courses or higher) per semester. To be considered an eligible financial aid applicant, students cannot have attempted more academic units than an established "unit limit." At CSULB, the established unit limit is 150% of the published length of an academic program measured in units. The unit limit includes all attempted units. This includes units attempted as a recipient of financial aid as well as units attempted while not receiving aid. It also includes transfer units for those students who have attended colleges elsewhere, and any units of remedial coursework.

For complete information on CSULB's satisfactory progress policy, go to their web site at