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California State University, Long Beach
Carpenter Performing Arts Center
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Music - The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Music (code MUS_BA01) (120 units)

A non-performance-focused degree that sets music within the broader context of interdisciplinary studies, diversity, and contemporary thought. This degree has a basic music core, upper-division elective music units focused on popular, world, and film music as well as art music, an individualized track of non-music elective studies that focuses in at least two other disciplines (one major area and one or more minor areas), and a final research project culminating in a comprehensive senior paper.

Audition required prior to entrance for majors to assess performance standard; All applicants to the program must meet with the BA adviser prior to, or at the beginning of, the first semester of residence to review the statement of purpose and to draw up an individualized study plan.


Music Theory (15-16 units)

  • Take all of the following:
    • MUS 142A/B Harmony I, II (3/3)
    • MUS 141A/B Musicianship I, II (2/2)
    • MUS 341 Form and Analysis (3)
  • Take one course from:
    • MUS 372A Jazz Theory I (2)
    • MUS 342 Materials of Modern Music (3)
    • Music History/Literature (18 units)
  • Take all of the following:
    • MUS 190* The Listener's Approach (3)
    • MUS 290 Popular Music in America (3)
    • MUS 490* Music Cultures of the World (3)
      • *double-counts as GE
  • Take three courses from:
    • MUS 160 Baroque/Classical Music (3)
    • MUS 360 Medieval/Renaissance Music (3)
    • MUS 374 19th-20th-Century Music (3)
    • MUS 363I Music and the Visual Arts (3)
    • MUS 364I Music and the Temporal Arts (3)

Performance Ensembles (6 units)

  • Take 6 units of the following:
    • MUS 100, 200, 201 and/or 300, 400, 401(ensemble must meet Conservatory approval)

Applied Music (6 units)

  • Take 6 units of the following:
    • MUS 129/329
    • Complete Upper-Division Screening Exam (UDSE)

Piano Proficiency

  • Take the following:
    • Successful completion of the piano proficiency exam(equivalent to MUS 220B)

Music Forum

  • Take the following:
    • MUS 210A Writing About Music (1)
    • MUS 210B Introduction to Basic Music Technology (1)

Music History Electives (9 units)

  • Take 9 units the following:
    • MUS 393, 468I, 467, 471 (repeatable to 6 units), 363I, 364I (if not taken in Music History 18-unit core)

Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies (12 units, 6 upper division)

  • Take 6 units from one major discipline area and an additional 6 units in one or more areas. These areas can be, but are not limited to:
    • Anthropology, Africana Studies, Asian and Asian-American Studies, Comparative World Literature and Classics, Film Studies, Geography, History, International Studies, Journalism, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Romance, German, Russian Languages, and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Final Exit Requirement (4 units)

  • MUS 496 Research Methods (3) (taken penultimate semester of graduation)
  • MUS 423C or D Senior Thesis or Project (1) (requires faculty adviser approval)