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Teacher Education

Credential Programs

Track One – Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential Program

The Preliminary credential is the basic Multiple Subject Credential. This track is comprised of foundational and subject specific pedagogy course work followed by the student teaching semester.


  • Take the following courses concurrently:
    • EDEL 380 Teaching and Learning in a Democratic Society (3)
    • EDSP 303 Preparing to Teach Special Populations in the General Education Classroom (1)


  • May be taken prior to or after admission to the MSCP, but must be competed prior to student teaching:
    • EDEL 413 Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Practices (2)
    • EDEL/EDP/LING 431 Cultlural and Linguistic Diversity in Schools (3)

Subject Specific Pedagogy (Teaching Methods)

Students must be officially admitted to the MSCP to take these courses. Course may be taken off-campus at an elementary school site during daytime school hours; at least one must be taken on-campus:

  • EDEL 442 Teaching and Learning Language Arts, K-8 (RICA) (3)
  • EDEL 452 Teaching and Learning Reading, K - 8 (RICA) (3)
  • EDEL 462 Teaching and Learning Mathematics, K-8 (3)
  • EDEL 472 Teaching and Learning History/Social Science, K-8 (3)
  • EDEL/SCED 475 Teaching and Learning Science, K-8 (3)

Student Teaching

  • All requirements for advancement to student teaching must be met: EDEL 482 Student Teaching (16)

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Teacher Education

Credential Programs

Graduate Programs