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Teacher Education

Credential Programs

Reading and Language Arts Specialist Credential (code 410)

The Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential prepares teachers to become school and district literacy leaders and supervisors. The reading/language specialist's role is multifaceted, including diagnostician, teacher of intervention for children or youth with delayed literacy development, collaborator with other school and district specialists, provider of professional development for classroom teachers, and reading program coordinator or facilitator. Note: All courses required for the Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential can be applied to the MA in Reading/Language Arts. See catalog program description and the faculty advisor in the Department of Teacher Education for more information.


Successful completion of the Reading Certificate program, or a valid Reading Certificate, or equivalent.

Application to the Program

See the Master's Degree Program Option in Reading/Language Arts.

Program Requirements

  • EDRG 543 Integration of Technology in Reading/Language Arts (3)
  • EDRG 544 Foundations of Literacy Research (3)
  • EDRG 554 Reading/Language Arts Curriculum: Leadership and Supervision (3)
  • EDRG 556 Theoretical Models & Processes of Reading (3)
  • EDRG 651 Advanced Diagnosis and Intervention in Reading/Language Arts (3)

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Teacher Education

Credential Programs

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