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Teacher Education

Designated Subjects Credential Program

The Designated Subjects Credential Program at CSULB prepares candidates for Clear credential teaching authorizations in Career Technical Education (CTE) and Adult Education (AE). The CTE credential authorizes the holder to teach the subjects named on the credential in grades 12 and below and in classes organized primarily for adults in technical, trade, or vocational courses. The AE credential authorizes the holder to teach specific academic and non-academic subjects named on the credential in courses organized primarily for adults and in adult education programs administered by school districts. Prospective candidates should visit the Designated Subjects Credential Program section of the College of Education website for more information and to contact an advisor:

Career Technical Education Track (CTE)

The Career Technical Education track is a 13-17 unit Clear credential program comprised of Early Orientation (one 2-unit course), Initial Preparation (9 units in 4 core courses plus two 1-unit courses of supervised field practica), and Advanced Preparation (one 3-unit course and one 1-unit course of supervised field practicum; or completion of one of the options described below). A minimum grade of "C" is required in all courses to maintain program standing.

Candidates complete the Initial Preparation in two semesters of course work and supervised fieldwork, after which they are eligible for Advanced Preparation. The Advanced Preparation requirement can be met in any of 5 ways: (1) 4 units of course work, including a supervised field practicum; (2) completion of a BTSA/Induction program; (3) two years of documented successful teaching; (4) completion of another appropriate credential program, e.g., Single Subject; (5) completion of a Designated Subjects track in Supervision and Coordination of Teaching. Candidates must complete all Initial and Advanced preparation requirements for the Clear credential within three years of obtaining the Preliminary credential. Candidates will determine how to meet the Advanced Preparation requirement in consultation with the program advisor as they develop their individual education plan.

Program Courses

Initial Preparation

Early Orientation (two units; completed prior to or during first semester)

  • 1. CTED 400: Early Orientation to Career Technical Education (2)

Semester 1 (6 units):

  • 2. CTED 401A: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Career Technical Education (3)
  • 3. CTED 401B: Field Practicum in Career Technical Education I (1)
  • 4. CTED 402: Effective Learning Environments in Career Technical Education (2)

Semester 2 (5 units):

  • 5. CTED 403A: Foundations of Career Technical Education (2)
  • 6. CTED 403B: Field Practicum in Career Technical Education II (1)
  • 7. CTED 404: Addressing the Needs of All Learners in Career Technical Education (2)

Advanced Preparation

Semester 3:

  • 8. CTED 405A: Advanced Preparation in Career Technical Education (3) AND CTED 405B: Field Practicum in Career Technical Education III (1) OR alternative method of demonstrating Advanced Preparation competencies determined with program advisor.
  • 9. Meet the Clear credential health education requirement
  • 10. Meet the Clear credential U.S. Constitution requirement

Program Admission

Prospective candidates should consult the Career Technical Education advisor regarding credential requirements, application procedures, and schedule of course offerings.

NOTE: Candidates for admission to the program (a) must have already successfully completed Early Orientation or (b) must enroll in Early Orientation in their first semester in the program.

Program Application

Applicants must (a) submit a program application to the college Credential Center, (b) submit a written statement of purpose for pursuing the CTE credential as part of the application, and (c) schedule an interview with the CTE program advisor. Applications may be downloaded from the Designated Subjects Credential Program page of the College of Education website:

Applicants to the CTE program must hold a valid Designated Subjects Preliminary Credential in Career Technical Education. Prospective candidates should consult the college Credential Center to file for their Preliminary Credential.

Requirements for the Preliminary Credential

  • 1. Three years of verifiable work experience directly related to each industry sector named on the credential. Experience may be full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid. One year is equal to 1000 clock hours.
  • 2. High school diploma requirement met by: (a) U.S. high school diploma, (b) GED, or (c) foreign equivalent of a high school diploma.
  • 3. Verification by a Commission-approved program sponsor of having been apprised of the requirements for both the Preliminary and the Clear credentials.
  • 4. Completed Commission on Teacher Credentialing form 41-4 (application for the Preliminary credential).
  • 5. Have filed for or can demonstrate fingerprint clearance (CTC form 41-LS).
  • 6. Recommendation by a Commission-approved CTE program sponsor.

Requirements for the Clear Credential

Successful completion of the CTE program leads to recommendation for the Clear credential. The Clear credential is valid for 5 years and may be renewed.


  • 1. Possess a valid California Preliminary CTE credential.
  • 2. Complete a Commission-approved program of personalized preparation that includes training in Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE).
  • 3. Verify completion of one of the following:
    • A. Two years of successful teaching on the basis of the Preliminary CTE credential in the areas listed on the credential;
    • B. A Commission-approved program of advanced personalized preparation as determined by the program sponsor.
  • 4. U. S. Constitution requirement met by course work or examination.
  • 5. Health education, including but not limited to the study of nutrition; the psychological and sociological effects of abuse of alcohol, narcotics, and drugs; and the use of tobacco. Requirement includes CPR training covering infant, child and adult CPR skills.
  • 6. Complete study in computer-based technology, including the uses of technology in educational settings.
  • 7. Credential application form 41-4.
  • 8. Credential processing fee.
  • 9. Recommendation for the Clear credential by a Commission-approved CTE program sponsor.

Adult Education Track (AE)

Commission on Teacher Credentialing standards for the Adult Education teaching authorization have recently been revised. The AE program at CSULB is undergoing revision and will take effect immediately upon approval.

Petition Process for the Designated Subjects Program

Appeals to program decisions or requests for policy waivers are made by filing a written appeal or request with the CTE or AE program advisor. If a satisfactory decision cannot be arrived at, the advisor takes the petition or request to a faculty review committee. The committee reviews the written statement and supporting evidence and renders a decision. The decision may be appealed to the college Student Affairs Committee. For grade appeals, follow university policy described in the current catalog.

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