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Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling


Graduate Certificate in Career Guidance Specialist (code COEDCT01)

This option is under consideration for suspension or discontinuance and selected courses will not be offered in the 2010-11 academic year.


  • 1. File an Application for Graduate Admission, along with two complete sets of official transcripts, with the University Office of Admissions no later than March 1 for fall semester or October 1 for spring semester;
  • 2. Transcripts must verify a GPA of 2.85 or higher on the last 60 semester (or 90 quarter) units of course work taken;
  • 3. Evidence of completing at least a baccalaureate degree prior to beginning the Graduate Certificate program;
  • 4. Two letters of recommendation (send only after notification by the program);
  • 5. A type‑written personal statement (send only after notification by the program);
  • 6. Screening interview(s) (upon notification by the program);
  • 7. Items 1‑5 above must be on file in the department no later than November 1 for the following spring semester, or April 1 for the following fall semester;
  • 8. Applicants are allowed only nine semester units credit applied to curriculum requirements completed prior to admission into the first semester of the program.


  • 1. Take core courses:
    • COUN 530 Career Development and Decision Theory (3)
    • COUN 531 Career Information Resources (3)
    • COUN 637 Career Counseling Practicum (4)
    • COUN 643C Counseling Field Work: Career Counseling (3)
  • 2. Fulfill the Graduation Writing Assessment (GWAR);
  • 3. Approved electives in the Departments of Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling; Human Resources Management; Occupational Studies; Psychology or Sociology as needed to fulfill 19 units upon waiver of any core course units granted upon admission to certificate program.

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Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling

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