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California State University, Long Beach
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College of Engineering

Undergraduate Programs

Minor in Environmental Engineering (code COE_UM01)

This 18-unit interdisciplinary minor is designed for undergraduates from various engineering and science backgrounds who are interested in applying engineering approaches to environmental issues.


A minimum of 6 units selected from the following core:

  • Take one of the following courses:
    • C E 364 Environmental Engineering I: Fundamentals (3)
    • CH E 475 Environmental Pollution (3)
  • Take the following course:
    • CH E 455 Environmental Compliance (3)
  • Take 12 units from the following:
    • CH E 415, 445, 465, 485; C E 466; E T 409F, 476

Most of the courses in the minor require some background in engineering and/or chemistry. Upper division students majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering may have sufficient background to select from the above choices without needing additional prerequisites. Those majoring in other branches of science and engineering may need several additional courses in engineering and/or chemistry to meet prerequisite requirements of courses in this minor.

All prerequisites to the courses in the minor must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.