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California State University, Long Beach
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Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management

Undergraduate Programs

Certificate in Facilities Operations (code ET__CT01)

Advisor - Tesfai Goitom (Civil Engineering)

Department Office - VEC 301

Telephone - (562) 985‑8020

The certificate is designed to qualify the graduate to serve in plant engineering, industrial construction coordination, facilities development and design, plant layout, and facilities project management. This program provides graduates with a depth of technical knowledge in facilities operations‑oriented technical courses, as well as the knowledge of behavioral sciences essential for managing technical functions.


  • 1. The certificate may be earned concurrently with or subsequent to the baccalaureate degree.
  • 2. This program is open to all majors who have fulfilled the prerequisites as stated below.
  • 3. Requires a total of 25 units as specified below.
    • A. The completion of supporting technical courses chosen in consultation with an advisor.
    • B. Take 25 units selected from the following:
      • CE 406 Cost Engineering and Analysis (3)
      • CEM 121 Construction Drawing I (2)
      • CEM 320 Operations Management in Contemporary Organizations (3)
      • CEM 374 Plant Planning and Layout (2)
      • CEM 409 Directed Studies in Construction Engineering Management (1-3)
      • CEM 431 Construction Cost Control (3)
      • CEM 432 Facility Administration (3)
      • CEM 433 Facility Finance Management (3)
      • CEM 434 Facility and Property Management (3)
      • CEM 436 Facility Operations Management (3)
  • 4. Any deviation from this program requires the written permission of the program advisor.