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Undergraduate Programs

Certificate in Russian and East European Studies (code RGR_CT01)

Courses used to meet certificate requirements may be counted also, where applicable, toward the General Education requirement and the major and teaching minor requirements of the cooperating departments.

Interested students should apply to the Director, Russian and East European Studies, Dr. Harold Schefski, Department of Romance, German and Russian.


  • 1. A bachelor's degree with an approved major. Certificate can also be earned concurrently with the bachelor's degree.
  • 2. A minimum of two semesters of a Slavic language;
  • 3. Take 18 units from four of the disciplines listed below chosen in consultation with advisor. No more than six units of any one discipline applies to the certificate:
  • ANTH 490*; CWL 349, 449; ECON 490*; GEOG 318; HIST 341A, 341B, 490*; 495*; PHIL 490*; POSC 306, 497; RUSS 101A-B, 201A, 201B, 310, 312, 314, 410, 428; RGR 346I.
  • 4. Cumulative GPA of 2.75 in all courses in the student's approved certificate program.
    • *May be taken only when course work is applicable to Russian and East European Studies. Consultation with director of the center is required.