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California State University, Long Beach
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Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Japanese (code A/STBA03) (120 units)

This program provides an opportunity to obtain a single subject teaching credential in Japanese. It emphasizes pragmatic language studies aiming for acquisition of communication skills through communication based instruction, and providing knowledge of language and culture to develop appropriate understanding and attitudes for intercultural communication.

Planning a Program of Study

The student and undergraduate advisor should plan a coherent program that both fulfills the requirements of the major and covers the student's areas of interest in allied fields outside the Japanese language.

Students with background in Japanese language competency gained through home use or through primary or secondary school work in the U.S. or Japan must take a placement test administered by the department.

Students are encouraged to study in Japan, either through the CSU Study Abroad Program or independently, after completing at least two years of study (or its equivalent) of Japanese at CSULB.

Residence Requirement for the Majors

At least five upper division courses required for the major must be completed successfully at CSULB. Students are encouraged, however, to complete up to a year of their language study in approved programs of study abroad.


A minimum of 44 units is required, including at least 15 units earned in residence at CSULB. JAPN 101 and 102 are prerequisite to the major and may be satisfied by appropriate high school preparation or by examination.

Lower Division (8 units):

  • Take both the following courses:
    • JAPN 201 Intermediate Japanese (4)
    • JAPN 202 Intermediate Japanese (4)

Upper Division (36 units):

  • Take all the following courses:
    • JAPN 301 Advanced Japanese (3)
    • JAPN 302 Advanced Japanese (3)
    • JAPN 311 Advanced Spoken Japanese (3)
    • JAPN 312 Advanced Spoken Japanese (3)
    • JAPN 451 Japanese Civilization (in Japanese) (3)
  • Take electives from the following:
    • A. Language and Language Related Courses (12 units) selected from:
    • JAPN 350, 370, 371, 385, 421, 422, 452, 453, 461, 462, 463, 471, 481, 490, 492, 497;
    • B. Japanese Civilization (taught in English) (6 units) selected from:
    • ANTH 335, A/ST 393, AH 470A/B, HIST 383A, 383B, 384, 405, 406A, 407I, 409, POSC 363, RST 344;
    • C. Japan‑Related or Intercultural Communication Courses (3 units) selected from:
    • ANTH 307I, 412I, 413, 490*, ASAM 330, 345, A/ST 300I, 301I, 310, 320, 406A, 490*, 492, 495I, CWL 403, COMM 309, 330, ECON 372, EDSS 450F, HSC 420I, HIST 382B, 406B, 478, 495*, I/ST 317I, 318I, 319I, 478, JOUR 312, PHIL 306, POSC 362, 371, 378, 469*, 489, 497*, R/ST 341I, SOC 350, WGSS 401I, 406A.

*Special topics courses in departments which regularly offer topical courses pertinent to the program.