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Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies (code RGR_BA09) (120 units)

This program offers two concentrations: Italian Language and Culture and Interdisciplinary Italian Studies. Regular consultation with advisor is highly recommended.

Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad through the CSU International Programs: they can spend from an intensive summer to an entire academic year in Florence and study either at the CSU center and/or at local academic institutions earning credits toward the degree. In addition, the program internship opportunities at Italian and Italian-American institutions in the area.

Once students have met the first- and second-year general language requirements, in the third year they take a common set of core courses in the target language. In the fourth year they choose between the two concentrations: students intending to earn the teaching credential select Italian Language and Culture; students interested in a more interdisciplinary approach select Interdisciplinary Italian Studies. Both tracks share a common core.


Two years of a second foreign lanuage is required for the first concentration (Italian Language and Culture).

Lower Division:

  • Competency in the Italian Language (16 units lower division Italian). Take all of the following:
    • ITAL 101A Fundamentals of Italian (4)
    • ITAL 101B Fundamentals of Italian (4)
    • ITAL 201A Intermediate of Italian (4)
    • ITAL 201B Intermediate of Italian (4)

Some of these courses may be waived for students who have completed sufficient high-school Italian or have proved intermediate-level proficiency. Native speakers of Italian may not enroll in ITAL 101A,B or 201 A,B.

Upper Division (minimum 33 units):

Basic Core (24 units):

  • ITAL 310 Introduction to Analysis of Italian Literature (3)
  • ITAL 312A Advanced Italian I (3)
  • ITAL 312B Advanced Italian II (3)
  • ITAL 314 Advanced Italian Conversation (3)
  • ITAL 335 Survey of Italian Literature I: Middle Ages-Eighteenth Century (3)
  • ITAL 336 Survey of Italian Literature II: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (3)
  • ITAL 340 Italian Civilization (3)
  • ITAL 482 The Building of the Italian Nation (3)

Concentration I - Italian Language and Culture

  • Electives (9 units): ITAL 411, 414*, 433, 454, 462, 473, 478, 490, 494, 499.
  • One year of a second foreign language.
    • * Candidates who intend to teach Italian language are required to take ITAL 414.

Concentration II - Interdisciplinary Italian Studies

  • Electives (9 units): AH 423, 424; C/LT 330A**, 330B**, 422I, 430, 432, 449**; HIST 332; ITAL 411, 414, 454, 462, 473, 490, 494, 499; MUS 436**; RGR 314I, 315I, 346I.
    • **Accepted only when syllabi include a good amount of Italian content.

Electives and Other Courses

Close work with the advisor will enable majors to design a comprehensive study plan for their entire CSULB experience and for life-long learning. General Education courses and electives should be chosen to coordinate with the major.