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California State University, Long Beach
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Undergraduate Programs

Certificate in Urban Studies (code GEOGCT02)

The Urban Studies Certificate, housed in the Department of Geography, takes an interdisciplinary approach. Students take a core of courses in Geography and take courses from one of two concentrations (Urban Theory and Practice or Applied Urban Geography). For further information, go to


  • 1. A bachelor's degree, which may be earned concurrently.
  • 2. Consultation with the undergraduate advisor in the Geography Department.
  • 3. A minimum of 23 units distributed as follows:
    • Core requirements (6 units):
      • Take the following courses:
        • GEOG 301I The Urban Scene (3)
        • GEOG 464 Urban Geography (3)
    • Concentration Requirement (minimum 17 units)
      • Choose One Option:
        • Concentration A - Applied Urban Geography: GEOG 446, 467, 485*, 487B; and one of the following: ASAM 435; CHLS 470I, CAFF 322, 422; GEOG 471 or HCA 471.
        • Concentration B - Urban Theory and Practice: Take six of the following courses: GEOG 467, 468; HIST 469, 474I; ANTH 416; POSC 327; CHLS 421; WGSS 432; DESN 367.
      • *Students must also take GEOG 380 before enrolling in this course. This course is a prerequisite and does not count toward the Certificate.