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Undergraduate Programs

Certificate in Geographic Information Science (code GEOGCT01)

Co-Directors: Christopher Lee, Suzanne Wechsler

This certificate provides experience in quantitative spatial analysis using Geographic Information Systems, working with remotely sensed imagery and field-derived data, and effective communication through maps. The certificate serves as a supplement to standard degree programs. A brochure describing the GIScience Certificate is available in the department or on-line at


  • 1. A bachelor's degree, which may be earned concurrently.
  • 2. Consultation with the certificate advisor in the Geography Department.
  • 3. Satisfactory completion of prerequisites (9 units):
    • GEOG 200, 280, 380
  • 4. A minimum of 23 units distributed as follows:
    • A. Core Courses. Take all the following courses:
      • GEOG 400 Geographical Analysis (4)
      • GEOG 473* Remote Sensing (4)
      • GEOG 485/585 Principles of Geographic Information Science (4)
    • B. Specialization (three courses):
      • Students are encouraged to select a specialization in one of the following three areas, although courses can be selected between categories with advisor approval.
      • Geographic Information Systems: GEOG 487A/587A, 487B/587B, 488/588
      • Remote Sensing: GEOG 474*, 475*
      • Cartography: GEOG 482*, 484/584

The following courses may be substituted for the above courses with advisor consent: GEOG 481, 492, 494, 497, 697, 680. Substitutions may also be made for courses in database, computer programming, surveying and/or web design and visualization with approval from the Certificate Advisor.