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Asian and Asian American Studies

Undergraduate Programs

Certificate in Asian Studies (code A/STCT01)

A student may earn a Certificate in Asian Studies with a concentration on China, Japan, India, or Southeast Asia. Where applicable, courses used to meet the certificate requirements also may be used to satisfy the General Education requirement and the major and teaching minor requirements of the cooperating departments.


  • 1. A bachelor's degree, with a major in a discipline other than Asian Studies. May be completed concurrently;
  • 2. A minimum of two semesters or its equivalent of an approved Asian language which is to be selected in accordance with the area of concentration;
  • 3. Take all of the following:
    • A/ST 306I Traditional Asia (3)
    • A/ST307I Modern Asia (3)

Take 12 units of upper-division work divided among two or more disciplines. These are to be selected in accordance with the area of concentration and in consultation with the student's advisor. No more than 6 units in any one discipline shall apply towards the Certificate.