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American Indian Studies

Courses - AIS Lower Division

101. Introduction to the Study of Native American People (3)

Corequisite/Prerequisite: Any GE Foundation course.
Examines history, culture, religion, art and societies of American Indian. Introduction to historical aspects of Native American experience and discuss these aspects of Native life as applied to contemporary American Indian issues.
Letter grade only (A-F).

102. Aztec Language and Culture (3)

Aztec Language and Culture
Beginning the study of Nahuatl (Aztec). Practice in songs, grammar, reading, performance, pronunciation, writing. Comparison of Classic Aztec and Modern Nahuatl texts and arts. Cultural focus on healing and history.

105. American Indian History – Pre 1871 (3)

Prerequisite/Corequisite: One course from GE category A1.
Survey of histories and cultures of American Indian Peoples in North America from pre‑contact to 1871 and analysis of political, cultural, legal and military relationships that developed between American Indians and foreign nations.

106. American Indian History – Post 1871 (3)

Prerequisite/Corequisite: One course from GE category A1.
Survey of histories and cultures of American Indian Peoples in North America from 1871 to present.

200. Contemporary Issues in American Indian Studies (3)

Analysis of major issues in contemporary American Indian affairs, politics, art, philosophy, education, reservations life, economics, government relations, Indian organizations, Indian-white relations, legal issues, land rights, media issues, Indian activist movements, and community concerns.

208. California Indian History (3)

Study of relationship between Indian people and various European powers that influenced the settlement of the State of California. Areas to be explored include: indigenous people of California, Spanish invasion of 1769, Mexican secularization in 1834, and seizure by U.S. in 1846.
Letter grade only (A-F).

215. U.S. Diversity and the Ethnic Experience (3)

Prerequisities: Open only to Integrated Teacher Education Program students.
Survey of American Indian, African American, Latino American, and Asian Americans in American society from the colonial era to present. Special attention to the formation and transformation of each ethnic group and their roles in the development of the United States.
Same course as AFRS 215, ASAM 215, CHLS 215. Not open for credit to student with credit in AFRS 215, ASAM 215, B/ST 215, CHLS 215. Departments take turns offering the course in the Fall semester. Letter grade only (A-F).

222. American Indian Museum Studies (3)

Prerequisite: One G.E. Foundation course.
Designed as a hybrid online and face-to-face introduction to the display and exhibition of the American Indian art and material culture. Includes field trips to museums and online discussion and activities.
Letter grade only (A-F).