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California State University, Long Beach
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Certificate Programs

Certificate in Kinesiotherapy (code KPE_CT04)

This program is designed to prepare the student to pass the American Kinesiotherapy Association (AKTA) Certification Test. The student will complete the option in the undergraduate curriculum plus 27 additional units. Information concerning the certificate can be obtained from the Director of the Kinesiotherapy Program in the Department of Kinesiology.

Students seeking National Kinesiotherapy Certification need to complete the Undergraduate Option in Kinesiotherapy, the Undergraduate Kinesiotherapy Certificate, plus 12 post-baccalaureate Internship units with consensus of the Kinesiotherapy Advisor.


  • 1. Admission application and approval by Director;
  • 2. Completion of the degree requirements of the Bachelor of Science: Option Kinesiotherapy;
  • 3. Specialization course work requires a "B" grade average for AKTA Certification;
  • 4. Take all the following courses:
    • ATEP 309 Developmental and Therapeutic Exercise (3)
    • KIN 210 Advanced Emergency Care (3)
    • KIN 320 Adapted Physical Education (3)
    • KIN 427 Physical and Motor Assessment (3)
    • KIN 438/538 Motor Dysfunction and the Exceptional Person (3)
    • KIN 485 Neurological and Pathological Foundations for Kinesiotherapy (3)
    • KIN 488/588 Clinical Basis of Kinesiotherapy (3)
    • KIN 489F Field Work in Physical Activity Settings - Fieldwork in Kinesiotherapy (1‑3)
    • PSY 341 Neuropsychology (3)
    • Take one of the following courses:
      • BIOL 301 Biology of Human Aging (3)
      • GERN 400I Perspectives on Gerontology (3)
    • Take one of the following courses:
      • H SC 210 Contemporary Health Problems (3)
      • H SC 411A Health Science for Elementary Teachers (3)
      • H SC 411B Health Science for Secondary Teachers (3)
      • H SC 427 Drugs and Health (3)
    • Take one of the following courses:
      • KIN 405 Cardiopulmonary Aspects of Health‑Related Exercise Programs (4)
      • KIN 499 Selected Studies (1‑3)

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