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California State University, Long Beach
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Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel Management

Department Information

Certificate in Foodservice Systems Administration (code FCS_CT02)

This certificate is designed to provide students with an increasing expertise at the management entry level.

This certificate may be earned in conjunction with the bachelor's degree or awarded subsequent to obtaining the degree at CSULB. Courses taken for this certificate may be the same used to satisfy major, minor, G.E., or degree requirements of the participating departments.


  • 1. A bachelor's degree in dietetics/food administration, business administration, or other related fields;
  • 2. Satisfactory completion of the following courses:
    • A. Nutrition:
      • NUTR 132 Introductory Nutrition (3)
    • B. Food Preparation and Service:
      • HFHM 235 Principles of Food Preparation (3)
      • HFHM 275 Food Production Systems I (3)
    • C. Foodservice Management:
      • HFHM 375 Food Production Systems II (3)
      • HFHM 474 Cost Control in Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel Management (3)
      • HFHM 477 Foodservice Administration (3)
      • HFHM 492J Internship in Hospitality Foodservice and HotelManagement (3)
    • D. Business Administration:
      • ACCT 201 Elementary Financial Accounting (3)
      • HRM 361 The Human Resource Function (3)
      • HRM 440 Collective Bargaining (3)
      • HRM 462 Labor-Management Relations (3)
      • MGMT 300 Principles of Management (3)
      • MKTG 300 Marketing (3)
    • E. Related Fields:
      • CHEM 302 Survey of Biochemistry (3)
      • ECON 300 Fundamentals of Economics (3)
  • 3. Maintain a GPA of 2.5 in the courses of the program and overall;
  • 4. Consultation with and certification of successful completion by the Director of the Program in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.
    Courses taken under the Credit/No Credit grading option may not be applied to this Certificate program.