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Fashion Merchandising and Design

Undergraduate Programs

Minor in Textiles (code FCS_UM03)

The Minor in Textiles is available to any non-Fashion Merchandising or Textiles and Clothing major.

Eighteen units including:

  • Take all the following courses:
    • FMD 155 Introduction to the Fashion Industry (3)
    • FMD 253 Introductory Textiles (3)
    • FMD 353 Intermediate Textiles (3)
    • FMD 457 International Textiles and Apparel (3)
    • FMD 458 Fashion Product Development (3)
  • Take 3 units selected from the following:
    • FMD 450 Cultural Perspectives of Dress (3)
    • FMD 492E Internship in Fashion Merchandising (3)

It is the student's responsibility to adhere to all prerequisites listed below. It should be noted that several prerequisites fulfill general education requirements.

  • 1. Prerequisites for FMD 353: FMD 253, FCSE 296 and CHEM 100 or 111A (fulfills G.E. Category B1b).
  • 2. Prerequisites for FMD 450 (fulfills G.E. Category D2 and Global): Completion of GE Foundation courses; ANTH 120 or SOC 100 or 142 (fulfills G.E. Category D2) and upper division standing or consent of instructor .
  • 3. Prerequisites for FMD 457: ECON 100 and 101 or ECON 300 (fulfills G.E. Category D2) and FMD 353, senior standing or consent of instructor .
  • 4. Prerequisite for FMD 458: FMD 353, senior standing, or consent of instructor.
  • 5. Prerequisite for FMD 492E: FMD 451, 455, or 457.