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California State University, Long Beach
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Academic Services and Campus Life

University Opportunities for Students

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Student Life and Resources

There are many options for students to get involved and create positive experiences at relationships at CSULB. Students are encouraged to make social connections and make a positive difference and to make the most of their time at “The Beach.”

Student Life and Development (SLD)

This office provides extensive developmental, leadership, service and involvement activities for students. Services include orientation for student leaders; and organizational consultation and program approvals for more than 300 recognized student organizations, including fraternities and sororities, cultural clubs and religious groups. SLD also oversees the Lois J. Swanson Leadership Resource Center, the Leadership Academy, the Student Resource Centers, the American Indian Student Services Program, and the Student Academic Travel Grant. Contact SLD at (562) 985-4181 or or at the University Student Union, Room 215.

College Organizations

Many academic departments have academically-related organizations, discipline –based honorary societies, and a student departmental association. Students from each departmental association work together on a college student council for each of the seven colleges. These groups promote interaction between faculty and students, and sponsor speakers, seminars, social gatherings and other activities. Staff from Student Life and Development play a key role in coordinating major events sponsored by these groups.

Leadership Resource Center, Lois J. Swanson

This center prepares CSULB students to be the world’s best leaders and maximize leadership potential with a commitment to serve others. The LRC provides a leadership library and offers consultations for classroom facilitation, conferences and customized workshops and seminars. For information, call (562) 985-1936 or go to University Student Union, Room 314.

Leadership Academy

The academy is a three-part extracurricular, certificate-bearing program composed of workshops, community service and practical application. The purpose of the Academy is to help students increase their understanding of leadership skills and improve their leadership potential. For information, call (562) 985-1936 or visit

Student Resource Centers

There are five student-run resource centers on campus. These venues are for affiliated student organizations to conduct program planning, peer mentoring, officer meetings, and post information about scholarships, service and internship opportunities.

  • African Student Association Center, FO4-274
  • American Indian Student Study Center, FO4-282
  • Asian Pacific Student Resource Center, FO4-277
  • Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Resource Center, FO4-165
  • Raza Resource Center, FO4-262

Multicultural Center

This center's mission is to contribute to the creation of a campus environment which respects and supports cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity. The Center is an educational resource center which serves as a vehicle for the expression of the needs and concerns of CSULB’s increasing diverse campus community. For information, call (562) 985-8150, visit or go to Faculty Office Building 3 (FO3), Room 003 (open from 9:00-5:00, Monday through Friday).

University Interfaith Center

This center is an association of 12 faith traditions serving the educational community of CSULB. The Center strives to enhance the educational experience by encouraging students, faculty and staff in their pursuit of spiritual growth, community building, faith development and personal values. For information, call (562) 985-4369 or go to the University Student Union, Room 103.

Women’s Resource Center

This center supports and facilitates the educational, professional and personal success of campus women through educational programs, campus and community resource connections, peer support assistance, and a welcoming lounge. For information, contact (562) 985-8576, go to or visit the Center at Liberal Arts 3, Room 105.