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California State University, Long Beach
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Academic Information and Regulations

Academic Information

The CSULB choir performs

Open University/Special Session

Open University (Adjunct Enrollment) — Through Open University, students who are NOT matriculated in CSULB may take regular university classes during spring or fall semesters for academic credit on a “space available” basis with permission of the department chair and the course instructor. Open University enrollment does NOT constitute admission to CSULB. For more information call the College of Continuing and Professional Education at (562) 985-5561.

Special Session

There is no limit on CCPE Special Sessions course credit, including Winter session, applicable to the degree if taken while in matriculated status in the degree program.

Baccalaureate Credit Based on Alternative Means of Assessment

The University grants credit toward the baccalaureate degree based on several types of assessment other than formal university courses. Students should consult the Chair or undergraduate advisor of the concerned department about applicability to individual courses or degree requirements.