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Film and Electronic Arts

College of the Arts

A CSULB student works on an art project

Film and Electronic Arts - FEA Programs

Bachelor of Arts Film and Electronic Arts

Two B.A. degree options are offered by the department: one in Film and Electronic Media (code FEA_BA01) and one in Film and Video Production (code FEA_BA02). Students in both options must complete all requirements, pre-requisites, and electives in residence at the upper division level.

Option in Film and Electronic Media (code FEA_BA01) (120 units)

51 units required for the major.

Students are admitted to this option by virtue of meeting the Admission Requirements and Supplemental Screening Criteria listed above.


  • 1. Major screening course: FEA 299 with a “B” or better.
  • 2. Media Studies Core: FEA 205, 206, 302.
  • 3. Media Practice Core (choose two courses from one of the following tracks for a total of 6 units)
    • A. Post-Production: FEA 307, 320, 322, 415, 416
    • B. Management: FEA 322, 327, 376
    • C. Writing: FEA 303, 304, 322, 404, 408
    • D. Animation: FEA 337, 437
  • 4. Culture, Media, and Politics (choose 3): FEA 310, 317, 318I, 380, 394, 412, 486I.
  • 5. International Media (choose three): FEA 392A, 392B, 392C, 392D; only one of the following may be used to meet this requirement: FEA454/ITAL 454, FEA456/FREN 456, FEA 457/GERM 480, FEA458/RUSS 428, SPAN 428.
  • 6. Electives (12 units): This requirement can be met with a sequence of elective courses in FEA. With prior advisor approval, certain non-FEA courses may be counted toward this requirement.
  • 7. Senior Theory Course: FEA 401.

Option in Film and Video Production (code FEA_BA02) (120 units)

51 units required for the major.

Students meeting the requirements for admission to the major may apply for admission into the production option by presenting a portfolio to the department in January of their sophomore year, or in subsequent Januarys. Admission to the option will be in the Fall semester only. Portfolios will be comprised of 1) a statement of purpose, 2) a critical analysis of a film or television show, 3) a sample of creative work (either writing, visual art or a short film or video) and 4) two letters of recommendation. Although a transfer student may apply to the FEA production option prior to learning whether or not they have been admitted to the university, they cannot be accepted into the option until they have been officially admitted to the university. The Film and Electronic Arts Department is not involved in the university admissions process.

Students admitted to this option are required to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA average in all major course work in order to retain their place in the option. Students admitted to the option are also required to abide by the rules and regulations as specified in the FEA Department’s Policies and Procedures handbook, which is available for purchase at the University Bookstore.


Must be taken before or during the first semester:

FEA 299 with a "B" or better.

Junior Year Requirements:

Take the following courses in the following sequence:

1. Fall Semester of Junior Year: FEA 303, 307, 309, 344, 415

2. Spring Semester of Junior Year: FEA 206 (may be taken prior to admission to the major); 302; 304; 328, 336

Senior Year Requirements:

3. Senior year students must select a two-semester track of specialization from the five available Tracks.

(The Narrative Production Track is subject to a competitive admissions process based on a script submitted in the spring semester of the junior year by the student seeking admission.)

A. Narrative Film Production: Fall: FEA 340; Spring: FEA 342

B. Documentary Film Production Fall: FEA 382; Spring FEA 383

C. Cinematography: Fall: FEA 341; Spring: FEA 343

D. Screenwriting: Fall: FEA 404; Spring: FEA 404

E. Animation: Fall: FEA 337; Spring FEA 437

Students work collaboratively across tracks and with students in the Film and Electronic Media Option to produce films for end of the year showcases.

In addition to choosing a two-semester track of specialization, students in their senior year complete the following requirements:

4. Culture and Media (Choose three): FEA 310, 317, 318I, 380, 392A or B, 392C, 392D, 394, 412, 486I

Only one of the following may be used to meet this requirement: FEA 454/ITAL 454 (Italian Cinema), FEA 456/FREN 456 (French Cinema), RUSS 428 (Russian Cinema, or SPAN 428 (Spanish Cinema)

5. Production Electives (single track majors choose one or enroll in a second track): FEA 307, 314, 320, 327, 337, 338, 380, 404, 405, 408, 415, 416, 492, 498.

Note: Students in the Writing Track are encouraged to take FEA 322 and 405 to complete their production course requirements.

Minor in Film and Electronic Arts (code FEA_UM01)

Total Units Required: 21 units.

Students are admitted to the minor after having completed a minimum of 30 units of college-level course work including all 12 units of General Education Foundation courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.


  1. Complete FEA 299 with a “B” or better.
  2. Complete FEA 206, 303, 310.
  3. Complete 9 units of electives from FEA 302, 304, 307, 312, 313, 314, 316, 318, 320, 325, 327, 337, 338, 360, 376, 380, 392, 394, 412, 437, 486I, 490.

Students should consult a departmental advisor regarding ways by which elective units can be grouped into specialized tracks. For example, a basic management skills set might include 327, 376; a basic sound mixing skill set would include 307 and 320; a documentary track would include 380, 382, and 383. Program planners are available from departmental advisor.