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California State University, Long Beach
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College of the Arts

A CSULB student works on an art project

Department Chair: Vacant

Department Office: Design (DESN), Room 101

Telephone / FAX: (562) 985-5089 / (562) 985-2284


Faculty: Mamdouh Fayek (Emeritus), Dorothy Ottolia, Eduardo Perez, José Rivera-Chang, David Teubner

Administrative Coordinator: Pamela Sample

Career Possibilities

Industrial Designer • Interior Designer • Display/Exhibit Designer • Furniture Designer • Car Designer • Model Maker • Package Designer • Technical Illustrator • Teacher • Consultant • Commercial Artist • Architectural Illustrator • Product Designer • 3-D Graphic Illustrator (Some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience. For more information, see


The Department of Design offers three degree programs: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Bachelor of Arts in Design. The faculty believe that an appropriate education for the professional designer must include a comprehensive body of technical knowledge involving historical sources, tools, techniques, and materials. In addition, a methodology for encouraging the creative problem solving process; and the attainment of the requisite level of skill to express visual ideas with clarity must be obtained. While being fully equipped to meet the objectives of the global marketplace, today's designer must also achieve sufficient educational breadth to adapt successfully to the varying demands imposed on their work by economic, social and psychological factors. A competitive porfolio review is held each year to identify students whose work has reached a level of competence necessary to advance to junior- and senior-level courses in Industrial Design and Interior Design. After passing portfolio requirements, selected students are officially admitted to the BS and BFA programs. The BA program is open to all students.

The academic programs of the Department of Design have been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (National Association of Schools of Art and Design, 11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21, Reston, VA 20190, phone: 703-437-0700). Student demand for these programs is high. Requirements for admission and degree requirements are given below.