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Mathematics and Statistics

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

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Department Chair: Robert A. Mena

Undergraduate Associate Chair: Kent G. Merryfield

Graduate Associate Chair: Ngo N. P. Viet

Department Office: Faculty Offices (FO) 3 - 120
Telephone / FAX: (562) 985-4721 / (562) 985-8227

Faculty: Babette M. Benken, Joseph Bennish, John O. Brevik, Larry Brownson, Linda H. Byun, Bruce J. Chaderjian, Jen-Mei Chang, Scott W. Crass, Linda J. DeGuire, Yu Ding, Carl H. Dorn, Morteza Ebneshahrashoob, Tangan Gao, Yihnan David Gau, Eun Heui Kim, Sung Eun Kim, YongHee Kim-Park, Olga Korosteleva, Melvin D. Lax, Chung-Min Lee, Xuhui Li, William G. Margulies, Robert A. Mena, Kent G. Merryfield, Hojin Moon, William L. Murray, Florence A. Newberger, Norma A. Noguera, Alan M. Safer, Angelo Segalla, James D. Stein (Emeritus, 2009), Kagba Suaray, Lindsay A. Tartre, Robert C. Valentini, Ngo N. P. Viet, Derming Wang, Saleem H. Watson, Arthur K. Wayman (Emeritus, 2005), Wen-Qing Xu, William K. Ziemer

Administrative Support Coordinator: Linda Dixon

ELM Coordinator: Larry Brownson



  • General - William L. Murray
  • Applied Math - Melvin D. Lax
  • Statistics - Alan M. Safer
  • K-9th Teaching - Lindsay Tartre

Honors in the Major: Kent G. Merryfield

Credential: Angelo Segalla


  • General - John O. Brevik
  • Applied - Eun Heui Kim
  • Mathematics Education - Babette M. Benken
  • Statistics - Alan Safer (Fall), Sung Eun Kim (Spring)

Students desiring information should contact the department office for referral to one of the faculty advisors.

Career Possibilities

Mathematician • Statistician • Operations Research Analyst • Computer Programmer • Wage/Salary Analyst • Teacher • Systems Analyst • Financial Analyst • Corporate Accountant • Actuary • Surveyor • Information Scientist • Econometrist • Securities Analyst • Efficiency Engineer • Metrologist • Technical Writer • Demographer (Some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience. For more information, see Various entry-level trainee positions in business and industry are available for graduates regardless of academic discipline


Mathematics is fundamental to all scientific knowledge, including not only the traditional natural sciences but increasingly the social and economic sciences. The increasing applicability of mathematical methods has been enhanced and accelerated by the development of the computer. Mathematics is also a vital aid to critical and philosophical thinking and, at least to some, a thing of beauty in itself.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers instruction for students at all levels beyond high school mathematics. Its courses provide the computational and analytic skills needed for a variety of majors, as well as the advanced theoretical topics for specialists in mathematics. Its various degree options are intended to provide the student with the knowledge and techniques needed for scientific, management and statistical applications, and also the theoretical understanding needed for teaching, graduate study and lifelong professional growth. Beyond these, it hopes to instill a spirit of curiosity and healthy skepticism towards mathematical statements and results - a willingness to ask “is this true?” and “why?”, and to try to find the answers.

Students desiring information should contact the department office for referral to the appropriate faculty advisor: Undergraduate Advisor, Graduate Advisor, and/or Credential Advisor.

Concurrent and/or Summer Enrollment at Another College

Students who wish to take coursework at a community college or other college to meet curricular requirements while enrolled as undergraduates in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics must petition the appropriate department for prior approval to earn credit for specific courses. This policy applies to concurrent enrollment or summer enrollment. University policy must also be complied with. See ‘Concurrent Enrollment’ and ‘Transfer of Undergraduate Credit’ in this Catalog. Courses not receiving prior approval will not be accepted for credit by the department.

Facilitated Enrollment into Classes

All entering students who declare a major in a degree program offered by this department must participate in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics’ Science Safari to Success (for first-time freshmen) or EONS (Enrollment and Orientation in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics for transfer students) Program. These programs are held in June-July for those starting in the Fall Semester and in January for those starting in the Spring Semester. Department advisors will be available to provide an overview of the students’ chosen baccalaureate degree program, to assist with academic advisement, to provide information on the many career opportunities available, and to aid students in enrolling in classes. Contact the Jensen Student Access to Sciences and Mathematics Center (FO5-109) or department office for additional information.