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Italian - Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies (code RGR_BA09) (120 units)

The BA in Italian Studies is a comprehensive program that provides students with a solid humanities-based grounding also applicable to professional fields outside of the humanities. Whereas Italian Studies continues to be a field of choice for students interested in Art, Art History, Music, History, and Comparative Literature, it is increasingly relevant for professions in Fashion, Design, and International Business. The Italian Studies BA Program connects Italy’s traditional intellectual and artistic legacy with its dynamic development as a modern industrialized country renowned for combining taste and technological innovation. The job mobility and cultural exchange fostered by the European Community and fueled by the global economy at large have made Italian into a language with vast applicability: the currency of the Italian language worldwide is also reflected in its growth as a subject taught in the American school system. In light of this expansion, the Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies is a wise choice for students who plan to pursue a teaching career that combines two foreign languages or one foreign language and another subject in the humanities.

In order to meet such diverse needs, the BA Program offers two concentrations: Italian Language and Culture and Interdisciplinary Italian Studies. Regular consultation with advisors is highly recommended to ensure the proper choice of courses in view of future professional careers or continuation of studies at the graduate level.

Students in the BA program are strongly encouraged to study abroad through the CSU International Programs: they can spend from an intensive summer to an entire academic year in Florence and study either at the CSU center and/or at local academic institutions. While expanding their linguistic and cultural knowledge through this full-immersion experience, they earn credits towards their degrees. In addition, the Italian BA Program at CSULB offers internship opportunities at Italian and Italian-American institutions in the area.

Once students have met the first- and second-year general language requirements, in the third year they take a common set of core courses in the target language (composition, grammar, conversation as well as literature, literacy analysis, and civilation). In the fourth year they choose between the two concentrations: students intending to earn the teaching credential select the first, Italian Language and Culture, and take all coursework in the Italian language; students interested in a more interdisciplinary approach may select courses from the variety of department offerings (Music, Political Science, Geography, Art and Comparative Literature) included in the second concentration, Interdisciplinary Italian Studies. Both tracks share a common core.


The student must complete a minimum of 49 units as approved by Italian Studies Advisors.

One year of a second foreign language is required for the first concentration (Italian Language and Culture).

Lower Division

  • Competency in the Italian Language (16 units of lower division Italian): ITAL 101A, B, and 201A, B are required.
  • Some of these courses may be waived for students who have completed sufficient high-school Italian or have proved intermediate-level proficiency. Native speakers of Italian may not enroll in ITAL 101A,B or 201 A,B.

Upper Division: A minimum of 33 upper division units selected as follows:

  • Basic Core (24 units): ITAL 310, 312A, 312B, 314, 335, 336, 340, 482.
  • Concentration I - Italian Language and Culture
  • Electives (9 units): ITAL 411, 414*, 454, 462, 473, 490, 494, 499.
  • One year of a second foreign language.
    • * Candidates who intend to teach Italian language are required to take ITAL 414
  • Concentration II - Interdisciplinary Italian Studies
  • Electives (9 units): AH 423, 424; C/LT 330A**, 330B**, 422I, 430, 432, 449**; HIST 332; ITAL 411, 414, 454, 462, 473, 490, 494, 499; MUS 436**; RGR 346I.
    • **Accepted only when syllabi include a good amount of Italian texts.

Electives and Other Courses

Close work with the advisor will enable majors in Italian Studies to design a comprehensive study plan for their entire CSULB experience and for life-long learning. General Education courses and electives should be chosen carefully to coordinate with the major.

Minor in Italian (code RGR_UM02)

The Italian minor can be taken in conjunction with any other major, and it is an excellent choice for students majoring in other Romance languages as well as in Art, Art History, International Business, Comparative Literature, Dance, English, History, Linguistics, Music or the Social Sciences. Besides grammar, composition and conversation classes, it offers courses in literature, civilization, cinema, and language history. The minor in Italian is open to any non-Italian major.


  • Minimum of 18 upper division units.
  • Required (9 units) ITAL 312A, 312B, 314
  • Required (9 units) to be chosen from: ITAL 310, 335, 336, 340, 411, 414, 454, 462, 482, 490, 494, 499.

Single Subject Teaching Credential, Italian (code 154)

Completion of Concentration I (Language and Culture) of the Italian major meets the subject matter competence requirement for the Single Subject Preliminary Credential in Italian. Prospective students should consult the undergraduate Italian Advisor and the Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Program Advisor early to plan their program.

In addition to meting the subject matter competence requirement for the Preliminary Credential, prospective teachers of Italian are also required to complete 44 units of professional preparation in the Single Subject Credential Program, including student teaching. Students may begin the professional preparation courses as early as the junior year. With careful planning, it is possible to complete all of the credential program courses, except for student teaching, as an undergraduate. Courses may also be completed as a post-baccalaureate student. Refer to the Single Subject Teacher Education section of this Catalog or the Single Subject Credential Program website ( for a description of the professional preparation requirements, courses, and application procedures.


Same as for the major in Concentration I (Italian Language and Culture) of the Italian Program.