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College of Liberal Arts

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Department Chair: Nancy L. Quam-Wickham

Department Office: Faculty Offices 2 (FO2), Room 106
Telephone: (562) 985-4431

Faculty: Dorothy Abrahamse (Emerita), Houri Berberian, Stephen E. Berk (Emeritus), David A. Bernstein (Emeritus), Emily Berquist, Paul V. Black (Emeritus), Jeff Blutinger, Albie D. Burke, Augustus Cerillo, Jr. (Emeritus), Patricia A. Cleary, Keith E. Collins (Emeritus), Kenneth R. Curtis, Jane Dabel, Edward A. Gosselin (Emeritus), Albert F. Gunns (Emeritus), David C. Hood, Ali Igmen, Andrew Jenks, Troy R. Johnson, Arnold P. Kaminsky, Marie Kelleher, Margaret Kuo, Arlene Lazarowitz, Guotong Li, Eileen Luhr, Brett Mizelle, Caitlin Murdock, Keith I. Polakoff (Emeritus), Gary W. Reichard (Emeritus), Sarah Schrank, Donald R. Schwartz (Emeritus), Lise Sedrez, David Shafer, Sharon L. Sievers (Emerita), Arnold R. Springer (Emeritus), Jack Stuart (Emeritus), William A. Weber (Emeritus), Nancy L. Quam-Wickham, Richard Wilde (Emeritus), Hugh Wilford


Undergraduate: Linda Alkana, Caitlin Murdock

Sharlene Sayegh-Canada, Portfolio Advisor

Graduate: Houri Berberian

Office Managers: Aimee Castillo, Cris Hernandez

Career Possibilities

Historian • Writer • Editor • Administrators in Historic and Cultural Preservation • Teacher • Museum Curator • Multimedia Specialist • Preservation and Environmental Lawyer • College Instructor • Film Maker • Environmental Review Specialist • Human Resources Manager • Advertising Analyst • Systems Analyst • Insurance Broker • Executive (Some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience. For more information, see


Advising in the Department of History is available to all students interested in a major, minor, a teaching credential, or a special major combining History with another discipline. Students are strongly encouraged to see History Department advisors at an early stage in the development of their programs. Undergraduate majors should see History department staff to fill out a work sheet before meeting with the Undergraduate Advisor. Students interested in the M.A. program should contact History department staff for application information. Graduate students should see the Graduate Advisor. Applicants for the Social Science Credential Single Subject Program must see Credential Advisors. All advisors maintain extended hours during the semester and are available at other times by appointment. The Department of History also hosts open advising days in the week prior to each new semester; call the Department for information.


History is a discipline at the core of the liberal arts tradition. It seeks to preserve, extend, and reevaluate our study of the past and to connect it with the present. Students who specialize in History are typically those who plan to teach, practice law, or enter government service; however, History students also go into business, librarianship, foundation work, management of local history projects, and fundraising. Some history alumni have become successful writers.

Students contemplating graduate work in History on this campus or elsewhere should get advice early in their undergraduate careers from faculty in their fields of interest and should also give serious consideration to developing proficiency in a foreign language during their undergraduate tenure.

The History Department awards scholarships and prizes to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students, among which are:

  • The Xiaolan Bao Scholarship
  • The Douglas McNeally Award
  • The Stuart Bernath Award
  • The Ebell-Heimberger Scholarship
  • The Jack Chinski Award
  • The Irv Ahlquist Scholarship
  • The Elizabeth Neilsen Award
  • The Hardeman Graduate Student Award
  • Richard and Louise Wilde Scholarship

For further information about these awards, given annually, students should inquire at the Department office no later than the beginning of the spring semester. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for the Department's facilitator program for which they may earn units in the major; see Department staff for applications. Graduate assistantships and readerships are also frequently available to qualified graduate and undergraduate students. The Department also recruits outstanding students for Phi Alpha Theta, the national honor society for History students.

The Department of History offers graduate study leading to the Master of Arts degree. The candidate is responsible for observation of the general requirements stated in this catalog as well as specific departmental requirements listed in the M.A. brochure, available on request from the Department office.

General Education Requirement in United States History

To fulfill State of California requirements, students must take three (3) units of U.S. history. This requirement can be met by HIST 172 or 173. Students who have taken U.S. history at another institution should check with the History Department before enrolling.