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Professional Studies

College of Health and Human Services

CSULB students have a classroom discussion

Professional Studies - Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Studies

The Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Studies is targeted primarily toward adult learners serving in business, industry, labor, government, non-profit organizations, and education settings. Each option within the degree is designed to facilitate professional growth to enable graduates to assume advanced and/or leadership roles in their careers.

Option in Transition Services (code OCSTBS04) (120 units)

The option in transition services prepares students for professional positions in secondary and postsecondary occupational special education, rehabilitative services, and related adult services. Students develop competencies as educational and human resource development specialists in transition services for individuals with disabilities. The curriculum for this option was developed under research sponsored by the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, United States Department of Education. Students may chose one of two tracks in this option: Rehabilitative Services or Special Education.


Rehabilatative Services

  1. 15 core units: PROF 300, 419, 421, 456, 485
  2. 36 unit concentration: PROF 360, 410, 411, 412, 413, 420, 422, 440, 441, 460, 480
  3. Completion of general education requirements and elective courses to total 120 units.

Special Education

  1. 12 core units: PROF 300, 421, 456, 485
  2. 39 unit concentration: PROF 360, 410, 411, 412, 413, 422, 460, 480; EDP 301 or 302; EDSP 350, 454; ETEC 444
  3. Completion of general education requirements and elective courses to total 120 units.

Option in Vocational Arts (code OCSTBS05) (120 units)

This option is designed for individuals seeking professional transition, advancement, and leadership roles in their professions, as well as teachers in employment-related educational programs in the fields of adult education and career and technical education. Students may apply courses in this option toward the California Designated Subjects Teaching Credentials in Adult Education and in Career and Technical Education.


  1. 18 core units: PROF 300, 419; 420; 421, 456, 485
  2. 24 unit concentration: PROF 410, 411, 412, 413, 422, 435, 461, 480
  3. Completion of general education requirements and elective courses to total 120 units.

Designated Subjects Credential (code 300)

The Designated Subjects Teaching Credential program (DSC) at CSULB is a teacher education program. Candidates in the program may be hired as vocational and adult education teachers in the local public schools. Candidates are required by credential regulations to complete teacher preparation courses within the first two years of holding the credential.

The Designated Subjects Credential program for both career and technical education and adult education consists of 12 semester units of methodology coursework and three semester units of Health Science.

  • Level I Courses: PROF 410, 411/511
  • Level II Courses: PROF 412/512, 413/513, 435