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California State University, Long Beach
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College of Health and Human Services

A CSULB Student works on the grass

Director: Barbara White

Department Office: Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty (FCS) Addition, Room 014
Telephone / FAX: (562) 985-1582 / 985-4414

Administrative Support Coordinators: Mikal Lok

Instructional Support Technician: Bonnie Rice

Faculty Interest Group

Jeanne Bader (emeriti), Lee Blecher, Kay Cerny, Young-Hec Cho (emeriti), Maria Claver, Tom Crowe, Shelley Ericksen, Janet Fisher, Mohammed Forouzesh, Gail Frank, Robert Friis, Carmen Galang, Agathi Glezakos, Catherine Goodman, Kenneth Gregory (emeriti), Sharon Guthrie, Judy Hails, Robert Harman (emeriti), David Harrison, Joellen Hartley, Alan Henderson, Carol Itatani, Hazel Jackson, Mary Jacob (emeriti), K. J. James, Maridith Janssen, Barry Lavay, Marge Lichty, Tracey Mayfield, Olfat Mohamed, Clyde Pentz, Marilyn Potts, Bonnie Rader, Molly Ranney, Wendy Reiboldt, Pamela Roberts, Jan Schroeder, David Schult,Donna Schwab, Lydia Sondhi, Kim-Phong Vu, Eileen Watson, Barbara White, Mary Wolfinbarger

Career Possibilities

General: Community/social services agencies; Health care and long-term care institutions; federal, state, and local government agencies, including the system of service delivery to older persons under the Older Americans Act; retirement communities; academic and other educational and research settings; professional organizations; business and industry; religious organizations; the arts and sciences.

Direct Service: developing programs such as health promotion, recreation and leisure, and intergenerational activities in senior centers, community agencies, or retirement communities; providing direct care to frail, ill, or impaired older persons and their caregivers in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living, adult day care or home care programs; teaching older adults in community settings; counseling older persons and their families about issues of caregiving, employment, finances, death and dying, or mental health; advising older clients about estate planning and investments, long-term care financing, or housing options; advocating for older adults as an ombudsman, conservator, care manager.

Indirect Service: analyzing issues related to older persons such as retirement,income, the health care system, housing alternatives; planning, administering, and evaluating community-based and health related services for older persons and their families; writing grants to support programs; teaching courses on aging to grade/high school, college and university students, health care professionals; advocating on behalf of older persons before legislative bodies; designing products to meet the special interests and needs of older persons; developing marketing strategies; consulting with business, industry, labor, arts and sciences both nationally and internationally about older adults and aging.

Education: Certificate or degree. Some careers require education in a specialty field in addition to erontology. Knowledge about aging enhances every career and discipline. (For more information, see


Gerontology is the scientific study of the processes and phenomena of aging, including biological,
psychological and sociological dimensions. Mission: The California State University, Long Beach, Gerontology Program is dedicated to 1) improving the lives of middle aged and older individuals in California and around the world by preparing students to work with diverse older adults, families, service providers, businesses, educators, and legislators; 2) providing timely, high quality training, consultation and other services; and 3) conducting research designed to inform planning and implementation of activities that promote optimal well-being of older adults and their families.

The Gerontology Program’s objectives are:

  • To provide a flexible interdisciplinary curriculum that gives new and seasoned professionals the competencies necessary for success in the field of aging.
  • To provide experiential as well as didactic graduate education and professional training in gerontology for individuals planning to become professionals in public and private agencies.
  • To provide professional field experiences in gerontology in order to enhance understanding of concepts, themes, and skills related to aging at various life stages, within different gender and racial/ethnic groups and among people with various abilities.
  • To provide knowledge and skills necessary to plan, develop and implement innovative programs to meet the needs of the State’s vast and growing aging population.
  • To explore aging-related professional values and ethics.

The Gerontology Program is enhanced by the Gerontology Faculty Interest Group, the Center for Successful Aging and a chapter of Sigma Phi Omega, The National Academic Honor and Professional Society in Gerontology.

The Gerontology Faculty Interest Group is comprised of over 40 CSULB faculty members representing more than 20 disciplines. Members teach courses essential to the Gerontology Program, conduct gerontological research, and provide training and service. Lecturers and emeritus faculty members also are active in the Gerontology Program.

The Center for Successful Aging is part of a complex of centers and organizations on the campus of California State University, Long Beach that are involved with aging-related issues. The Center for Successful Aging is a transdisciplinary academic/community partnership to promote collaborative innovations in education, practice, policy development and research related to aging, in a culturally diverse society.

Students in the Gerontology Program are eligible for membership in Sigma Phi Omega, the national academic honor and professional society in gerontology that recognizes the excellence of those who study gerontology/aging and the outstanding service of professionals who work with or on behalf of older persons.
CSULB is one of only a few California campuses to offer graduate programs to meet the State’s need for educated, experienced and diverse professional gerontologists. To accomplish this goal, two programs of study are offered: A Master of Science in Gerontology and a Gerontology Certificate.