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College of Business Administration

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Marketing - MKTG Courses

Courses (MKTG)


300. Marketing (3)

Recommended preparation: ECON 300.
Relation of marketing system to other activities in the firm. Firms and domestic and world marketing environments. Economic and social effects on marketing. Human behavior’s effects on marketing, communications, information systems,management problems and their solutions.

310. Retail Concepts and Policies (3)

Overview of the retail system. Retail decision making emphasized in relation to these areas: store operation and management, merchandise assortment and pricing, store location and layout, advertising and sales communication, consumer analysis, retail information systems, retail accounting and control.

330. Mass Marketing Communications: Advertising (3)

Principles and practices of advertising. Social and economic importance of advertising and its relation to modern business organization. Importance of an advertising plan, preparation of advertisements, copy and layout, media planning and application of information technology.

410. Services Marketing (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.
Applies marketing management techniques, marketing strategies, and processes for service evaluation and service quality improvement to service marketing. Characteristics of services marketing, service management, service evaluation, techniques for improvement, services marketing in global environments, and marketing techniques.
Letter grade only (A-F).

420. Sales Management (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.
Management of the sales force. Sales analysis, forecasting techniques, account and territory management, and negotiations. Integrating the personal computer into the sales function. Computer simulation of the decision process in sales management.

430. Promotion Strategies (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.
Management of the promotional mix. Behavioral and data-based foundations for promotional strategies. Budgeting, allocation of promotional resources,and media models. Integration of promotional strategies into the marketing mix. Applications of information-based technologies and tools for analysis.

437. Internet Marketing (3)

Prerequisites: MKTG 300 suggested, IS 301.
Familiarization with Internet history & Internet technology. Analysis of consumer behavior (domestic and international) on the Internet; business models; advertising and promotions; website design; pricing; and marketing research using the Internet. News and recent developments in e-commerce are a focus of the class.
Letter grade only (A-F).

465. Business To Business Marketing (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.
Focus on business, government, and institutional markets. Comparison with consumer marketing. Analysis of business products/services and domestic/international strategy. Emphases relationship-management, e-commerce, supply chain, negotiation, technology innovation, brand assessment, trade, selling, and advertising strategy. Integration and application of information technology.

470. Marketing Research (3)

Prerequisites: MKTG 300, IS 301, 310.
Fundamentals of marketing and industrial research as an aid to problem-solving in business. Familiarization with current industry research efforts. Data collection, interviewing, and report-generation software. Analysis of data. Project, instrument and sampling designs.

480. International Marketing (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.
The study of global marketing theory and practice. The historical, economic, cultural, political, and legal factors that affect marketing decision-making outside the U.S. How to develop and present plans for exploiting global marketing opportunities.

481. International Marketing in Selected Markets (3)

Prerequisites: MKTG 300, IS 301.
Taught as a special topics seminar. Depending upon the instructor, topics may include marketing within specific regions such as Asia or Europe, marketing in developing countries, or international aspects of the marketing mix such as global advertising and global retailing.
Letter grade only (A-F).

490. Consumer Behavior (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.
Consumer behavior in a marketing context. Information processing, personality/lifestyle, group, social class, cultural/sub-cultural, and demographic factors to influence consumption behavior. Strategic and analytical thinking of consumer behavior both in profit and nonprofit contexts as well as relevant public policy applications.

492. New Products/New Services (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 300 or consent of instructor, IS 301.
New product and new service development process from idea generation to launch; diffusion of innovation and sales forecast of new product; market entry strategy; branding of new product; business plan for new product/service.

494. Marketing Management (3)

Prerequisites: MKTG 300, IS 301; senior marketing majors or consent of instructor.
Strategies and techniques in marketing management. Application of prior material from marketing curriculum to problems and cases. Emphasis on problem identification and solution.
Letter grade only (A-F).

495. Selected Topics (1-3)

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and a GPA of 3.0 in marketing, IS 301.
Topics of current interest in marketing selected for intensive study.
May be repeated to a maximum of 6 units. Topics will be announced in the Schedule of Classes.

497. Directed Studies (1-3)

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and Department Chair, on Dean’s List and a 3.0 GPA or higher in marketing.
Individual projects, study and research of advanced nature in marketing.