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International Business

College of Business Administration

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International Business - Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


In order to graduate with an undergraduate business degree from CSULB, a student must complete a minimum of 120 units. A majority of the upper division business courses, including economics and statistics, must be completed at this university. For details, refer to the CBA Policy on Course Transfers/Substitutions.

1. ACCT 201; ECON 100, 101; BLAW 220; MATH 108 or 114, 115, and PHIL 160 or 170.

2. All business and pre-business majors shall demonstrate computer literacy and competency prior to taking junior and senior level courses. Requires one of the following:

  • A. Passing score (70%) on the Computer Proficiency Examination (CPE).
  • B. Completion of IS 233 with Credit (Cr) or “C” or better grade in a transfer equivalent course.

3. Upper Division:

  • A. CBA 300, ACCT 310, ECON 333; FIN 300; BLAW 320; IS 300, 301, 310; HRM 360; MGMT 300; MKTG 300.
  • B. MGMT 425 (Capstone) must be taken at CSULB as a senior and after the upper division prerequisite core courses have been completed (ACCT 310 or 320, FIN 300; MGMT 300; MKTG 300, IS 301).
  • C. Completion of option requirements.

4. Elective courses to total 120 units. Student are encouraged to select electives for expansion of knowledge and intellectual interests as well as for preparation for business employment.

Option in International Business (code FIN_BS02) (120 units)

The objective of the international business option is to prepare students for the increasingly competitive and interdependent international business world with which they must cope. There is great and growing need for American business school graduates to be better informed about how to compete and do business outside the U. S. as well as in the U. S. market where much of their competition is from foreign firms. Students need to understand how international business practices and customs differ from those in the U. S. They need some familiarity with a language other than English as well as knowledge of culture and world geography.


  1. ACCT 465; FIN 490; MGMT 405 or 406; MKTG 480.
  2. Any one of the following courses: BLAW 424, CBA 494, HRM 458, MGMT 405 or 406 (whichever was not taken in satisfaction of requirement 1), or MKTG 481.
  3. Two years (4 semesters or 6 quarters finishing at the level of 201B or its equivalent) at the baccalaureate level of one of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish. Under individual, special circumstances, the Director of the International Business Option may approve a language other than those listed above to satisfy the language requirement for a degree in the option.
  4. Choice of the language will determine the country or geographic area of the world about which the student must study a minimum of 2 courses (6 units).

These will be in lieu of 6 other elective units, and can be double counted as part of the student's general education requirement, if approved to meet GE requirements.

G.E. or Elective Courses

Select two courses (6 units), appropriate for your choice of language:

All Languages: ANTH 412I, COMM 330, 452, I/ST 317I, 318I, 319I, 355l, LING 413, 425, 470, POSC 371, 485, WGSS 401I.

Arabic: ARAB 250, CWL 402, GEOG 309L, HIST 394, 428, 432, POSC 367, R/ST 331I, 339I.

Chinese: ANTH 332, A/ST 301I, 310, 495I, CHIN 301, 350, 370, CWL 403, HIST 382B, 406A, 488, POSC 362, R/ST 341I.

French: CWL 330A,B, GEOG 316, HIST 335, 337, 339, POSC 353. FREN 335, 336 or courses taken at a specified French university with which CSULB has an exchange agreement and taught by instructors from CSULB may be approved by the Director of the International Business Program in partial or full satisfaction of this requirement.

German: CWL 330A,B, ECON 361, GEOG 316, HIST 335, 337, 339, 437, POSC 353, GERM 309, 415, 416, 380I.

Italian: CWL 330A,B, ECON 361, GEOG 316, HIST 335, 337, 339, POSC 353.

Japanese: ANTH 335, A/ST 301I, 310, CWL 403, HIST 383B, 384, 406A, 407I, JAPN 350, 451, 471, R/ST 341I, 344.

Portuguese or Spanish: ANTH 323, 324, CWL 440, ECON 361, HIST 364, 462, 463, POSC 358, 481, SPAN 330, 335A, 335B, 341, 430, 445.

Russian: ECON 361, GEOG 318, HIST 341B, RUSS 310, 410I.

Undergraduate Certificate in International Business (code FIN_CT01)

Phenomenal growth of multi-national companies has been apparent in recent years, with increasing internationalization of the business world. Multi-national firms, governmental agencies, and varied international organizations express heightened demand for management personnel with a broad, global perspective. The Certificate in International Business, Undergraduate Program, combines an undergraduate degree in business with additional training in the area of international business beyond that normally included in a traditional business program. The objective of the program is to enhance the scope and perception of the business student to include the international business environment. Courses used to meet requirements for the Certificate in International Business may also apply toward College of Business Administration degree requirements.


1. A bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. This requirement may be completed concurrently with certificate requirements.

2. Eighteen units or more of study at this University in International Business to include six of the following: ACCT 465; BLAW 424; CBA 300; CBA 494; FIN 490; HRM 458; MGMT 405, 406; MKTG 480 or 481.

3. Grade of “C” or higher required in each course completed;

4. The Certificate Program does not permit use of the Credit/No Credit option. Students with specific geographic areas of interest should consider development of language competence and cultural understanding relative to their area of interest concurrent with their Certificate Program. For additional information or for application to the program, interested persons may contact the Director of International Business Program.