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California State University, Long Beach
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Admissions to CSULB

Additional Admissions Information

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Returning Students

Returning students must reapply to the university under the same conditions and deadlines as all other applicants.

Students who have not maintained continuous attendance status shall be subject to the General Education requirements in effect at the time of their reentry to the university, with the following exceptions.

Previous CSULB students who were under earlier General Education requirements and who before breaking continuous attendance needed no more than three additional courses to complete the entire General Education requirement shall be allowed to complete the General Education requirement in effect at the time of the previous attendance. However, all students must complete at least 9 units of upper division General Education courses, of which a minimum of 6 units must be Capstone courses.

Previous CSULB students who were under the earlier General Education requirements and who before breaking continuous attendance completed one or more upper-division GE courses shall be required to complete additional Capstone courses as needed to complete the total of 9 upper-division units. At least two of the courses in the overall program must be Capstone courses.

Transfer students who enter CSULB with full GE certification from a California Community College must complete both the Human Diversity in the U.S. and the Global Issues requirements if these requirements were not met through transfer, but these students need not complete any other GE courses except the Capstone, which cannot be met through transfer from a community college. Transfer students who enter CSULB without full GE certification from a California Community College must complete the CSULB General Education requirements.

Hardship Petitions

The campus has established procedures for consideration of qualified applicants who would be faced with extreme hardship if not admitted. Petitioners should write the campus Admissions Office regarding specific policies governing hardship admission. (See Admissions Procedures and Policies at the beginning of this Section.)

Adult Students

As an alternative to regular admission criteria, an applicant twenty-five years of age or older may be considered for undergraduate admission as an adult student who meets all the following conditions:

1. Possesses a high school diploma (or has established equivalence through either the General Educational Development or California High School Proficiency Examination).

2. Has not been enrolled in college as a full-time student for more than one term during the past five years.

3. If there has been any college attendance in the last five years, has earned a "C" average or better in all college work attempted.

Consideration will be based upon a judgment as to whether the applicant is as likely to succeed as a regularly admitted freshman or transfer student and will include an assessment of basic skills in the English language and mathematical computation.

Senior Citizen Education Program

The Senior Citizen Education Program enables eligible California residents 60 years of age or older to enroll as regular students at a cost of $3.00 per semester. The program, which was founded at CSULB, has been in operation since 1975. Individuals are attending courses in a variety of subject areas and class levels from freshman through graduate standing.

Note: Regular admission standards apply. Requests to waive the application filing fee must accompany the application. Once admitted to the University, students will be sent registration information advising them of the procedures for fee payment and the dates that they may register. Courses are available to program participants approximately three weeks before the beginning of each semester on a "space available" basis.

Due to high enrollment and impacted programs some courses may not be available for participation by Senior Citizens.

Participants in the Senior Citizen Education Program are required to maintain good academic standing and are subject to all university policies, procedures, late fee payments and deadlines.