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California State University, Long Beach
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Academic Services and Campus Life

University Opportunities for Students

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Student Life and Resources

College Organizations

Many academic departments have a student departmental association composed of students in that discipline. In addition, there are other academically-related organizations and discipline-based honorary societies. Representatives from each departmental association work together on a college student council for each of the seven colleges. The organizations promote interaction between faculty and students by sponsoring speakers, seminars, social gatherings and other activities related to their disciplines. Students also have the opportunity to provide input regarding their educational experiences to their faculty and departmental chairs, as well as to their deans via the departmental associations and student councils, respectively. SLD staff members play a key role in coordinating major events such as Engineering Day, Health and Human Services Career Month, the Awareness Festival, College of the Arts Week, and the Nobel Laureate Lecture.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a series of workshops focused on cultivating leadership excellence. Its purpose is to help students improve their leadership potential and to develop practical application to increase their understanding of leadership skills.

Lois J. Swanson Leadership Resource Center

The Leadership Resource Center is located on the third floor of the University Student Union, Room 314. To contact the LRC, call (562) 985-1936.

The vision of the Lois J. Swanson Leadership Resource Center (LRC) is to cultivate leadership excellence. Its purpose is to prepare CSULB students to be the world’s best leaders and maximize leadership potential with a commitment to serve others. The LRC provides a leadership library, resources, and a boardroom. The library holds books, videos, tapes and materials for icebreakers and interactive activities. Resources include a series of seminars to enhance leadership skills, increase self-confidence and develop teamwork. The LRC offers consultations for classroom facilitation, conferences and customized workshops. The LRC “Dr. Kathryn E. Goddard Board Room” can be reserved for leadership-related meetings.

Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center is located in Faculty Office Building 3 (FO3), Room 003 and is open from 9:00-5:00, Monday through Friday. For more information, the Center’s Web site is or call (562) 985-8150.

The mission of the Multicultural Center is to contribute to the creation of a campus environment which respects and supports cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity. The center is an educational resource center which serves as a vehicle for the expression of the needs and concerns of CSULB’s increasing diverse campus community.

The objectives and activities of the center include its signature project S.T.A.R. (Students Talk About Race), which is offered every semester and trains students in cross-cultural communication and commits them to 8 weeks as facilitators at local middle and high school classrooms; diversity workshops, lectures, and forums; an extensive up-to-date library of journals, magazines, books, videos, some DVD’s, and audio tapes; archived newspaper articles, an art gallery celebrating the center’s theme of cultural diversity by well-known and student artists; and student internship opportunities. The center’s resources are available for students, faculty, staff and community members.

Student-Run Resource Centers

There are five student-run resource centers on campus. These venues are for affiliated student organizations to conduct program planning, peer mentoring, officer meetings, and post information regarding scholarships, service and internship opportunities.

American Indian Student Study Center, FO4-282, (562) 985-4963

Asian Pacific Student Resource Center, FO4-277

Black Student Cultural Center, FO4-274, (562) 985-4502

Raza Resource Center, FO4-263, (562) 985-5223

Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Resource Center (LGBTRC), FO4-165, (562) 985-4585 (general information), (562) 985-4588 (event line) or e-mail

University Interfaith Center

The University Interfaith Center (UIC) is located in the University Student Union, room 103. For information on programs and resources call (562) 985-4369.

The UIC is an association of 12 faith traditions serving the educational community of CSULB. Member groups represent individual faiths while respecting the diversity of religious traditions and the pluralistic nature of the university. Membership in the association is extended to faith groups who choose to work cooperatively, respecting the integrity of one another’s religious traditions. All of the services of the University Interfaith Center are available to the entire campus community – students, faculty and staff.
The UIC aims to enhance the educational experience by encouraging students, faculty and staff in their pursuit of spiritual growth, community building, faith development and personal values. It offers pastoral care/spiritual support, educational programs, student community, worship services, service projects, conferences/retreats and referral information. It also provides a library on topics of religion and a comfortable lounge area where students can meet, share a meal or study.

Women’s Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center supports and facilitates the educational, professional and personal success of campus women through educational programs, campus and community resource connections, peer support assistance, and a welcoming lounge.

The WRC offers women’s support, affinity and networking groups, and maintains an extensive list of referrals to campus and community services. The WRC also organizes and coordinates a sexual assault prevention education program with information and presentations for classrooms and organizations.

Educational events presented throughout the school year are often collaborative projects with other academic and student services programs. The seminars, workshops and/or conferences range from the more current theoretical women’s issues to practical concerns of university women.

Finally, the Lounge is a comfortable space where students relax, study, hold meetings, or visit with friends. It includes a small hospitality area where students can drink a cup of coffee or refrigerate their lunch.
The WRC, located in Liberal Arts 3-105, is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and two evenings until 6:30 p.m. Its services are free and available to women and men. For further information, call (562) 985-8687/8576.