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Academic Information and Regulations

Academic Credit and Regulations

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Repeating Courses

In most cases a student may not take or receive unit credit for a course for which the student has already received a CR or a grade of C or better. This principle applies whether the course was initially taken at CSULB, at a high school, or at another college or university. The only exceptions to this rule are: (1) when a course has been specifically designated as repeatable for credit up to a specific maximum number of units (there may also be other limitations, such as a requirement that each repetition be with a different instructor and/or on a different topic); (2) activity courses; (3) upper-division courses in an undergraduate student’s major completed more than ten years prior to the student’s graduation; and (4) courses on a graduate student’s program of study taken more than seven years prior to graduation. (PS 99-17)

Repetition of Courses for Satisfactory Grade (Repeat and Delete)

Undergraduate students and postbaccalaureate students who are pursuing a second (or subsequent) baccalaureate degree may repeat, for the purpose of excluding the grade from grade-point determination, an undergraduate course taken at California State University, Long Beach in which a grade of "D", "F", "U", or "WU" was received. Postbaccalaureate students pursuing credential programs, certificate programs, or master's degrees are not eligible for the Repeat and Delete policy.

Eligible students may repeat a course once for the purpose of deleting a grade, without prior departmental approval, if the course was taken both times at CSULB. If the second attempt of the course is successful ("C" or better), the deletion of the first attempt is automatically calculated at the end of the semester in which the course was repeated. Although the first grade will remain on the permanent record, the grade and grade points of the repeated course on the second attempt will be those used in determining the grade-point average and units earned, provided the second grade was C or better.

Students are not prohibited from continuing to repeat a course in which the grade for the second attempt is unsatisfactory ("D", "F", "U", "WU"), but, in that case, grades earned for all attempts will remain in the grade-point determination, and the units earned in the course will be applied to the degree only once. While there is no time limit for repeating a course, the student's permanent record may not be altered after a degree has been granted.

If students wish to exclude from grade-point determination a grade of "D", "F", "U", or "WU" in a course taken at another institution, they may do so by enrolling in an equivalent course at CSULB. A "Notice of Intent to Repeat a Transfer Course" form must be filed with the Office of Enrollment Services. The department in which the course is taught must indicate on the form which particular course may be repeated to delete the previous grade. An official transcript from the institution where the original course was taken must accompany the form. Only one repeat is allowed for the purpose of deleting a grade, and the repeated grade and grade points will be used in the overall grade-point determination, provided the second grade was C or better.

A grade received in a course taken at another institution may not be used to delete a grade in an equivalent course taken at CSULB.