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Academic Information and Regulations

Academic Credit and Regulations

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Grade Appeals

Although the University presumes that grades assigned are correct, the University has established a grade appeal procedure to both protect students against academic and administrative evaluations and decisions that are prejudicial, capricious, or arbitrary, and to preserve the authority of instructors to evaluate student work in a non-prejudicial, objective, and consistent way. This procedure is available equally to undergraduate and graduate students. A student wishing to file a grade appeal should consult the policy document (PS 99-16) for detailed information.

Students who believe they have received a final course grade that reflects prejudicial, capricious, or arbitrary grading of their academic performance must make this belief known to the instructor(s), either orally or in writing, before they begin the formal appeal process. If students and instructors are not able to resolve the problem to the satisfaction of both parties, the formal process may then be initiated.

The formal process must begin no later than the end of the fall or spring semester following the term in which the final grade was assigned. It begins with the preparation of a grade appeal file which must include: (1) a written statement addressed to the Department/Program Chair of the discipline in which the course resides describing the reasons for the appeal and the recommendation for a new grade; (2) a Grade Appeal form obtained from the appropriate College office and fully completed; and (3) supporting documents that show evidence of the alleged improper grading. The burden of proof rests upon the student submitting the appeal.

If the student's appeal is compounded (or accompanied) by an allegation of unlawful discrimination as defined by Federal and State laws, the student has the right to access the university's internal Unlawful Discrimination process and the processes available through the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights and the State of California Fair Employment and Housing Commission. However, grades may be changed only through the grade appeal process.