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Women Studies

College of Liberal Arts

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Department Chair: Wendy Griffin

Office: Faculty Office (FO) 2, Room 226
Telephone: (562) 985-4839
FAX: (562) 985-1868

Faculty: Elyse Blankley (Women's Studies and English), Angela Bowen (Women's Studies), Norma Chinchilla (Women's Studies and Sociology), Wendy Griffin (Women's Studies), Elizabeth Philipose (Women's Studies), Jennifer Reed (Women's Studies), Maythee Rojas (Women's Studies), Patricia Rozee (Psychology and Women's Studies), Shira Tarrant (Women's Studies)

Affiliated Faculty: Houri Berberian (History), Mary Caputi (Political Science), Patricia Cleary (History), Jane Dabel (History), Linda Espana-Maram (Asian and Asian American Studies), Jayne Howell (Anthropology), Susan Luévano (Library), Claire Martin (Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literatures), Britt Rios-Ellis (Health Science), Anna Sandoval (Chicano and Latino Studies), Sharon Sievers (History), Kristine Zentgraf (Sociology)


It is the goal of the Women's Studies Department to provide for students, the University, and the community an intellectual context from which it is possible to study the experience of women. By definition, this enterprise crosses disciplinary and cultural lines; it means that we are in the University not only to fill in gaps and to facilitate the development of coherent bodies of knowledge about women in established disciplines, but that we represent a core of emerging knowledge that has grown into a new discipline.

Women's Studies seeks to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and perception necessary to their realization of the fullest range of options available to them as human beings. We want to provide and encourage contexts conducive to academic excellence and sensitive to academic freedom that will assist students in 1) the reexamining of traditional ideas about women and men in cultures characterized by patterns of sex-role stereotyping; 2) acquiring an understanding of the history and contributions of women of varying social, racial, and ethnic backgrounds; 3) developing the analytical tools required to understand and appreciate the implications of the last four decades of feminist theory and research; and 4) preparing for a variety of vocations which increasingly demand knowledge about women's experience.

Women's Studies, in its own department and through courses in other departments and disciplines, offers the University the intellectual excitement inherent in the development of a new discipline, and a humanistic perspective from which to view the accumulated knowledge of other disciplines, particularly their assumptions about women, both as actors and subjects. Women's Studies encourages the development of research and curriculum related to women in other disciplines and departments throughout the University. We also provide information and advising for students and other members of the University community on the subject of women and women's issues.

The Women's Studies Department offers a major and minor. Students may also graduate with a B.A. in Inter-disciplinary Studies that has Women's Studies as one of its disciplines. CSULB also offers a Special Major at the graduate level through which students may design a major combining Women's Studies with another discipline. Designated Women's Studies courses may be used to fulfill the Social Science (Category II) and other General Education requirements, as well as I.C. and H.D. requirements. For additional information and advice relative to these programs, or ways in which to combine Women's Studies with another Major or Concentration, please consult the Department Office or the Undergraduate Advisor.