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Orientation and Advising

See the section on Academic Information and Regulations for information on registration procedures. Detailed information on procedures and deadlines is given in the Schedule of Classes.

Undergraduate students new to the University will receive information about Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR), described below. New undergraduate students register for classes at the time they attend SOAR.

Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR)

Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) is the University-sponsored new student orientation program that all newly admitted freshman and transfer students are required to attend. SOAR offers participants an opportunity to register for classes and be introduced to the many resources and services available at CSULB. New students participate in an interactive tour to familiarize them with the campus, learn about opportunities to enhance their college experience and successfully navigate through their first semester at The Beach. SOAR advisors, who are current CSULB graduate and undergraduate students, lead advising workshops that introduce University policies, procedures and requirements.

They also present information on general education and major requirements, and assist SOAR students with the selection of classes and registration process. Registered SOAR students receive a 1-day parking permit, lunch, CSULB catalog, schedule of classes, SOAR student planner, and CSULB e-mail account, in addition to CSULB publications, announcements and vouchers. SOAR workshops take place in January for spring admits and throughout the summer months for fall admits. Information about SOAR is mailed to newly admitted students as part of the CSULB Welcome Kit and may also be obtained by visiting the SOAR website at Students may register for SOAR via MyCSULB once they are admitted and have submitted their CSULB Enrollment Deposit. There is a fee associated with this new student orientation program. SOAR, which is housed under Student Transition and Retention Services, is located in Foundation Building, Suite 160. For more information, contact SOAR at (562) 985-5515,, or

SOAR Transfer Workshops

Each of the University's seven colleges work collaboratively with SOAR to sponsor college-specific transfer workshops (information about College & Majors can be found on the SOAR website). Most transfer students will participate in a college-specific workshop where they will meet with faculty advisors from their declared major department. During SOAR, transfer students also receive information on department-sponsored support resources, scholarships, internships/field work, and out-of-classroom requirements.

SOAR Freshmen Workshops

Freshmen can attend a one-day or a two-day SOAR workshop. One-day SOAR Workshops jump right into the essential components of SOAR - a campus tour, academic advisement, and assistance with class selection and registration.

Offered in the summer, two-day SOAR Workshops enable freshmen to experience the residence halls and establish new friendships with other incoming freshmen. During the first day of this workshop, educational and social activities introduce freshmen to college life/issues and the CSULB campus. The second day is dedicated to academic advising, class selection, and assistance with the registration process.

New CSULB freshmen enroll into classes determined by required entrance exams including the SAT and ACT, in addition to results of the Advance Placement (AP) and Early Assessment Program (EAP) tests. Unless exempt based on standardized tests (EAP, SAT, ACT, and/or AP) or completed college credit, freshmen are expected to complete the English Placement Test (EPT) and/or Entry Level Math (ELM) exams prior to attending SOAR. With the assistance of SOAR advisors, freshmen construct a well-balanced schedule that fulfills CSULB requirements such as Foundation, review (if applicable), major, and elective classes. Advisors also take into account out-of classroom responsibilities, including employment, co-curricular activities, commuting, and other family obligations. At the end of each freshman workshop, students meet with a professional advisor to review the final schedule and answer any questions about making a successful start at CSULB - changes to schedule, major requirements, housing, and campus life.

Parent Orientation Program (POP)

The Parent Orientation Program (POP) is designed to inform parents about baccalaureate requirements, the University library, safety, financial aid, housing, and other important University issues so they may better assist their children to be successful at CSULB. Sessions occur in conjunction with SOAR each summer. POP is presented by the Academic Advising Center. For more information, call (562) 985-5458.