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Internship Programs

Division of Student Services

Director - Manuel Pérez
Coordinator - Marie Burks
Office - Career Development Center
Brotman Hall (BH) 250
Telephone - (562) 985-5552

A College degree will give you a foundation of knowledge for tomorrow's work environment, but how do you successfully apply that knowledge? An important piece to completing your career puzzle is working as an intern. An internship not only provides the opportunity for practical application of knowledge, but also allows you to develop self-awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, maturity, professionalism, values and ethics.

Internships provide a bridge between classroom learning and practical, real-world experience. An internship is a period of guided work in an employment field, often related to your major, career interest, or chosen career goals. An internship is a partnership between students, employers, and educators. Internships may take place in varied settings, including large corporations, small businesses, community service agencies, and others.

The Career Development Center serves as a resource for students seeking general internship information and advising and maintains an updated listing of internships that have been approved for academic credit. You may access these listings via the Career Development Center website at http://careers.csulb.edu. Internships are available in the local area, across the country, and in various international locales.

Internships available through the Career Development Center are open to all CSULB students and help you to gain hands-on experience and an opportunity to work in a specific career field or employer of your interest.
Career Development Center internships require all participating students to enroll in an internship course for academic credit. The following internship courses are open to students in any major, for elective credit (check with college or department before enrolling for restrictions):

• College of Business Administration: CBA 493,Business Internship
• College of Education: EDP 492, Internships in Human Services
• College of Engineering: ENGR 492B, Internship in Engineering
• College of the Arts: Department of Film and Electronic Arts, FEA 492, Internship
• College of Health and Human Services: HHS 492, Field Studies and Career Exploration
• College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics: NSCI 492, Internships in Natural Science

These internship courses can be a valuable addition to your academic course work, by combining your internship placement with academic reflection on your experiences guided by experienced faculty.

Students required to complete an internship specifically within their major are encouraged to contact the undergraduate advisor and/or internship advisor for their department (but not all departments offer such internships).

If you have questions or need further information please contact the Internship Program Office at 562-985-5552 or via email interns@careers.csulb.edu