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Business Administration, College of

College of Business Administration

Interim Dean: M. B. (Mo) Khan

Executive Assistant to the Dean: Nelson Horn
Interim Associate Dean for Administration: Philip S. Chong
Assistant to the Associate Dean: Margaret Williams
(562) 985-7696

Interim Associate Dean for Accreditation: Mary Wolfinbarger
College Office: College of Business Administration -200
Telephone: (562) 985-5306, FAX: (562) 985-5742

Administrative Services: Betty Harris, Manager, (562) 985-7690
Development: William C. Hendry, Director, (562) 985-2264
Student Life and Development: Jeane Caveness, Assistant Dean of Students, (562) 985-5297
Graduate Programs and Executive Education: H. Michael Chung, Director, (562) 985-5565
Undergraduate Admissions and Advising Center: Carol Grutzmacher, Director, (562) 985-4514
Center for Information Strategies and Technologies: H. Michael Chung, Director, (562) 985-5674
Ukeleja Center for Ethical Leadership: Kathleen Lacey, Co-Director. (562) 985-8600
Mentoring Business Program: Anna Liza Garcia, Director, (562) 985-2265
Instructional Technology: John Ferretti, Director, (562) 985-4988
Information Processing Center: Stephenie Canavan, Coordinator, (562) 985-5628


Accountancy: Steve Fisher, Chair, (562) 985-4653
Finance: Hamdi Bilici, Interim Chair, (562) 985-4569
Human Resources Management and Management: Roger Stanton, Chair, (562) 985-4753
Information Systems: Robert Chi, Chair, (562) 985-4993
Marketing: Richard Celsi, Chair, (562) 985-4769
International Business Program: Clyde Stoltenberg, Director, (562) 985-4894


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Options in: Accountancy; Finance; Human Resources Management; International Business; Management; Management Information Systems; Marketing; Operations Management. (Refer to following pages for more information.)

Students who complete and formally declare two options may be regarded as having completed a double major, and appropriate notation can be made on the transcript.

Minors in Business Administration

Management Information Systems, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship. (Refer to the section on Minors for more information.)

Master of Business Administration

Specialization in the following areas: Accounting, Finance, Health Care Management, Human Resources Management, Information Systems, Management, Marketing. (Refer to following pages for more information.)


Undergraduate and graduate programs are nationally accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business - International (AACSB), 777 South Harbour Island Blvd., Suite 750, Tampa, FL 33602-5730, phone: (813) 769-6500.


The College of Business Administration seeks to prepare its students for entry into successful careers in business. As each graduate pursues a successful career, it is anticipated that personal responsibility will be accepted for maintaining and enhancing the quality of the society in which business and the individual operate.

The College

The College of Business Administration has five departments and two other Academic Programs: Accountancy; Finance; Human Resources Management and Management; Information Systems, Marketing; International Business. The five departments and International Business are responsible for administering one or more of the degree options.

Student Services

The College of Business Administration maintains an advising and admissions office in CBA Room 105 for undergraduate students. There is an office for graduate students in CBA 363. Advisors are available in these offices throughout the semester to assist students with admission, registration, and degree requirement information. An undergraduate handbook is available in the campus copy center.

The Mentoring Business Program (MBP)

MBP is a support program within the College of Business Administration. Its focus is to assist students with their transition into college and into the business industry. Each student is paired with a mentor at each stage of their academic and professional development. Freshmen and sophomore students are mentored by upper division business students or faculty as they begin their educational journey at CSULB. Junior and senior students are connected with corporate professionals in business industry. This relationship assists our students with networking and internship opportunities as they prepare for their transition into their professional careers. The Mentoring Business Program also encourages students to become involved with a business student organization to assist them in meeting students and expanding their opportunities. It also provides business workshops, corporate tours and scholarships. For details regarding our application process, please call The Mentoring Business Program at (562) 985-2265.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is provided to business students through the University Financial Aid Office. That office administers funds made available through the federal and state governments and through certain private sources. Awards are made to students who demonstrate a need for assistance with educational expenses.

Achievement Awards

Beta Gamma Sigma Outstanding Student in Business applications are usually due April 1. The award is present in early May at the annual Beta Gamma Sigma Installation and Banquet. Further information can be obtained from the Beta Gamma Sigma faculty advisor, Associate Professor Jasmine Yur-Austin.

Applications for Outstanding Undergraduate are usually due in early to mid-January. Each department may select up to three Outstanding Graduates. From among the chosen Outstanding Undergraduates, the Dean of the College selects the Dean’s Medalist. These awards are reserved for graduating seniors and require a minimum GPA along with other considerations for applicants.

The Wall Street Journal award is based upon the highest GPA of a graduating senior. The Gary B. Klein Scholarship award is reserved for Marketing majors and is selected from among graduating seniors. The Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key winner is selected from among those graduating seniors with the highest GPA.
All these award recipients together with CBA Honors Program students are recognized in print in the annual Commencement Program. They are, along with scholarship recipients, also recognized at a special awards luncheon in May where plaques, certificates, and other tokens of achievement are presented.

Additional information about these distinctions and their requirements can be obtained from Nelson T. Horn, Executive Assistant to the Dean at (562) 985-5307.

Student Organizations

Numerous organizations are available for business students. They include: American Marketing Association, Beta Alpha Psi/Accounting Society, Black Business Students Association, Delta Sigma Pi, Financial Management Association, Hispanic Students Business Association, Human Resources Management Association, Information Systems Students Association, International Business Association, MBA Association, Society for the Advancement of Management, and Law Society. Student organizations typically host professionals representing business and industry at weekly meetings and also sponsor a variety of social, recreational and community service events.
The Associated Business Students Organization Council (ABSOC) is the coordinating council for all business student organizations. ABSOC and the Associated Students co-sponsor the annual “Meet the Industries Night”. This annual spring event includes morning professional workshops and an afternoon career expo which draws over 40 companies and several hundred students. Other programs each semester include a business student organizations’ fair, an evening recruitment program, ABSOC Café (student-faculty-staff mixer), and ABSOC Challenge (recreational competition).

Beta Gamma Sigma, founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1907 as a business honor society, is the only honor society recognized by the AACSB - International. Membership is available to business students at California State University, Long Beach only because the College of Business Administration is accredited by AACSB.
Election to membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest scholastic honor that a student in business administration can attain. To be eligible for membership at CSULB students must rank in the upper three percent of their junior class or the upper seven percent of their senior class, or rank in the upper ten percent of those receiving masters degrees in business administration.

Computer and Information Technology

Students in the degree program develop basic understandings and competencies relating to information processing, the application of computers in business and government, management information systems concepts, and computer programming. A computer laboratory facility is maintained within the College to provide computer access for business students.

General Policies and Regulations

Specific University and College requirements are detailed in various sections of this Catalog. Every student must develop complete familiarity and understanding of the regulations and requirements by which successful completion of a program will be determined. (Also see pertinent section regarding University General Regulations and Procedures).

Admission Under Impaction

Fall and Spring freshman applicants to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration will be placed in the pre-major code for Business Administration. Transfer applicants must apply to the University during the initial filing period of October and November for the following fall semester or August for the following spring semester. They must indicate their choice of major on the application.

Continuing students seeking admission to the upper-division major in Business Administration must submit a supplemental application to the College of Business Administration Advising Center (CBA, Room 105). Whereas there is no specific deadline for filing, it usually takes a minimum of two weeks to complete the application process. Therefore, students should file their applications no later than two weeks before their next Early Registration access date.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they will meet the following requirements for admission prior to the semester for which the application is submitted.

To be eligible for admission to the majors in Business Administration, applicants must have met requirements for admission to the university as a freshman or transfer student. Applicants must have completed 60 units applicable toward a CSULB degree prior to the term for which the application is submitted. The number of applicants who can be admitted is limited by space availability. Eligible applicants will be selected for admission based on cumulative grade point average. Admitted students must demonstrate computer literacy by the end of their first semester or they will be dropped from the major. Computer literacy may be demonstrated by a passing score (70 percent) on the CBA Computer Proficiency Examination, or completion with credit of IS 233 (Introduction to Computer Systems and Applications) or completion with credit of IS 240 (Management Information Systems) or completion of a transfer course equivalent to IS 233 or 240 with a grade of "C" or better.

Special Enrollment Status

Enrollment through Open University is allowed only on a space available basis. Space availability is not based on the number of unoccupied chairs in a classroom. Instead, it is determined by the type of course and teaching method. The student must otherwise be qualified.
Disqualified students are not permitted to enroll in any course in the College of Business Administration.

CBA Policy on Course Transfers/Substitutions

The College of Business Administration has a strict policy on course transfers/substitutions. This is necessary to preserve the academic integrity of programs and to meet accreditation standards. The transfer/substitution policy has two separate components: prior to matriculation at CSULB and post matriculation at CSULB.

Prior to Matriculation at CSULB

Students may petition for credit courses completed at another recognized institution prior to matriculation at CSULB subject to the following guideline:
1. Lower division courses (with a grade of “C” or better) are transferred with the approval of the appropriate Department Chair.
2. Upper division courses (with a grade of “C” or better) from AACSB-accredited business schools are transferred with the approval of the appropriate department chair.
3. Upper division courses (with a grade of “C” or better) from non-accredited business schools may be transferred subject to the approval of the appropriate department chair and associate dean.

Post Matriculation at CSULB

Students may not transfer for credit any upper division major core courses taken at another school concurrently with or subsequent to their matriculation at CSULB. Exceptions are approved with verifiable proof and genuine needs according to the following requirements: (1) approvals must be secured prior to enrolling in courses in another institution; (2) no more than two courses may be transferred or substituted; and (3) a grade of “B” or better is necessary for course transfers/substitutions. Departments have the discretion to be more stringent with regard to these requirements. Exchange students and students participating in Study Abroad Programs are exempt from these rules.

Grading Policy

Business majors and minors may not exercise a Credit/No-Credit grading option for courses required by the College of Business Administration in their program. No course taken for Credit/No-Credit grading will be accepted to fulfill a Business requirement. Enrollment in a business course as an auditor is not permitted.