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Four-Year Program

The four-year program curriculum is divided into two parts. The Basic Course is primarily for freshmen and sophomores, and the Advanced Course is for junior and senior level students. In special cases, the Advanced Course is available to students working towards graduate degrees.

Basic Course

The Basic Course is a one to two-year period where students may, without obligation, investigate the ROTC Program and the military as a full- or part-time career. Students may enter and leave during any semester. The curriculum for the Basic Course is consists of the lower division courses listed below. To become an ROTC cadet during the Basic Course requires the student be registered for a Military Science class, completion of an ROTC enrollment form (obtained at the Military Science Department, Technology Education, Room 108), and an interview with the ROTC Enrollment Officer. Because this course is for students to examine the ROTC Program without obligation, participation in ROTC activities is encouraged but not mandatory. Advancement into the Advanced Course is accomplished either by successfully completing the Basic Course classes, completing ROTC Summer Basic Camp or completing any military basic training program.

ROTC Leaders Training Course

One method to qualify for the Advanced Course is to successfully complete the challenging 30-day ROTC Summer Basic Camp. Students normally attend Basic Camp between their second and third academic years. It is important that potential transfer students who plan to participate in the two-year ROTC program make their intentions known directly to the Military Science Program no later than May of the year they plan to register at the university even though this date may precede the date of their final acceptance by the university.

The government will provide a transportation allowance to and from Basic Camp and the student will also receive approximately $600 during the 30 days. All equipment, uniforms, room and medical care are furnished free while at camp. No military obligation is incurred as a result of attendance. It is recommended though that the student be committed to pursuing a career in the military either in an active or reserve capacity.

Basic Training

Outstanding students who have successfully served on active duty, regardless of the branch of service, are qualified to enter the Advanced Course. Also, students who have been, or are members of Reserve or National Guard units and have completed basic training are qualified for the Advanced Course. Students may be required to take certain lower division classes even after enrollment in the Advanced Course.

Leader Development/Assessment Course

The Advanced Course is a two-year period where ROTC cadets receive advanced leadership and management training. The cadets receive many hours of hands-on, practical leadership experiences to prepare them for a military career or a management position in the civilian sector. To become a cadet in the Advanced Course a student must complete the Basic Course, or ROTC Summer Basic Camp, or Basic Training. The cadet must also make a commitment to attend all required training activities and sign a contract to accept a commission in the United States Army. In return for the student’s commitment, the Military Science Department will provide $350 - $500 a month, classroom instruction, real leadership opportunities, and continuous feedback on each cadet’s leadership progress. A 32-day summer training camp, between the two years of the Advanced Course, will be provided for assessing and developing each cadet’s leadership abilities. All equipment, uniforms, room, board, and medical care are furnished free while at this camp. The cadets will also receive pay at the rate of one-half of Second Lieutenant's basic pay. Upon successful completion of the Advanced Course and graduation from the university, the cadet will be eligible to be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army.

Required Related General Education Subjects

1. Written Communications: (Category A) ENGL 100
2. Human Behavior: (Category D) POSC 100
3. Computer Literacy
4. Mathematical Reasoning: (Category B) MATH 103 or 110