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California State University, Long Beach
Faculty Affairs
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Class Schedule Changes November 11 and 12, 2013

  • Campus will be closed Monday, November 11, 2013 in observance of Veterans Day.
  • All Monday classes will meet Tuesday, November 12, instead – at the same times and in the same university space normally occupied on Mondays.
  • All classes normally scheduled for Tuesday, November 12 will be canceled.
  • Special events will not be scheduled in instructional spaces on Tuesday, November 12.

This ongoing practice was recommended by the Campus Academic Calendar Committee, beginning with the 2010-11 academic calendar year, because classes meeting once per week would not otherwise meet the minimum number of instructional hours.

Students who have difficulty rearranging their weekly schedules to attend classes on Tuesday, November 12, should notify their instructors immediately.

Important Information for Department Chairs and Faculty

Department Chairs

Department chairs should inform all part-time lecturers at the time of hiring and remind all instructors prior to syllabi development, at the start of the fall semester, and in mid-October.


  • Instructors should explain the following to students in class near the beginning of the semester and again near Veterans Day:
    In observance of the Veterans Day holiday, no classes will be held on Monday, November 11. Classes that normally meet on Mondays will meet on Tuesday, November 12 at the same times and in the same classrooms normally occupied on Mondays. Classes which would normally be held on Tuesday, November 12 are canceled. Students who cannot attend classes rescheduled to Tuesday, November 12 must inform their instructors in advance so that arrangements can be made to make up the missed work.
  • Some instructors may have professional obligations on Tuesday, November 12 that cannot be changed, such as a lecturer with a scheduled class at another campus. This is an unavoidable consequence that must be accommodated. In such cases, instructors are responsible for notifying the department chair and arranging for an alternate instructor or alternate assignments, just as with any planned absence.
  • Some students may have difficulty rearranging weekly schedules to attend classes on Tuesday, November 12. These students should be considered to have an excused absence. Instructors should follow the university attendance policy:

    It is the responsibility of the student to make advance notification, contact the faculty member to make arrangements to make up any academic work that may be missed, submit assignments on time, and to make arrangements regarding activities, tests, quizzes, or exams that may be scheduled during the absences.In circumstances where an actual assignment, some specific class work, an activity, a quiz, or an exam cannot reasonably be made up, it is the instructor's option to assign alternative work.

Background Information

  • Effective 2006, Assembly Bill 720 requires the CSU to observe the Veterans Day holiday, November 11, and to close that day. When November 11 falls on Saturday, the holiday will be observed the preceding Friday. When November 11 falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be observed the following Monday. Prior to 2006, CSU campuses were able to defer observance of Veterans Day to another day to facilitate campus holiday closures.
  • During fall semesters, CSULB observes various other holidays on each weekday except Tuesday: Monday - Labor Day; Wednesday - Fall Break the day before Thanksgiving; Thursday - Thanksgiving; and Friday - Admissions Day rescheduled to the day after Thanksgiving.
  • The Campus Academic Calendar Committee reviewed several calendar options. In making its recommendation, it took into consideration CSU Academic Calendar requirements for the number of instructional days and academic work days together with the majority of campus concerns, e.g., distributing instructional days evenly by weekday, starting fall classes on a Monday, allowing Fall Break the day before Thanksgiving, and ending fall final exams a few days before the December holiday closure.
  • In years when Veterans Day falls on a weekday other than Tuesday, Veterans Day classes will be moved to Tuesday. If Veterans Day falls on a Tuesday, it will not be necessary to switch classes to another weekday.



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