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Mac Podcast-creation Options

  • Audio podcasts
  • Enhanced podcasts
  • Video podcasts

Creating Audio Podcasts using a MAC

  1. Open GarageBand, and in the window that appears, choose New Podcast Episode.
  2. In the Save As dialog box, give the podcast episode a name.
  3. On the left, click the icon next to either "Male Voice" or "Female Voice." Your selection will be confirmed under "Track" below.
    1. To ensure sound levels are adequate, speak into the microphone. Watch the green bars that appear next to the Voice option you selected.
    2. If the green bars don't reach across the entire bar area, or they frequently bounce into the red, adjust the volume of your voice or adjust the GarageBand settings.
    3. Note: If your sound levels are not adequate, you may need to adjust your computer's sound and speech levels from within your System Preferences .
  4. To begin recording, click the Red button, and then speak clearly into your microphone.
  5. To stop recording, click the Red button again.
    1. The waveforms of the recorded sound will be displayed in the "Timeline" area of the GarageBand window.
  6. To add music or sound effects to the episode, from the Control menu, select Loop Browser, and then drag a sound clip to the "Jingles" or "Radio Sounds" track. (optional)
  7. To add an additional track, from the Track Menu, select New Track.  (optional)
  8. To listen to the recording, either drag the playhead to the beginning of the track, or click one of the backward arrow buttons ("Go to the beginning of the song." or "Move back one measure."), and then click the forward arrow button ("Start or stop playback").
  9. To add photos or video to the episode, from the Control menu, select Media Browser , and then choose a file from under "Photos" or "Movies".
  10. To add podcast metadata, select "Podcast Track."
  11. If the "Episode Info" box isn't visible (in the bottom right), from the Track menu, select Show Track Info.
  12. In the "Episode Info" box, edit your podcast episode's "Title", "Artist", and "Parental Advisory", and enter a "Description".
  13. To add album art, drag an image to the "Episode Artwork" box in the lower left.
  14. To export the project as a podcast file,  click on Share, and save it as a FILE.
  15. Email the file to Walter Gajewski so that your podcast can be uploaded to iTunes U.

Creating Enhanced Podcasts using a MAC

NOTE: You can view these instructions as a video tutorial.

Text instructions will be forthcoming.

Creating Video Podcasts using a MAC

(Coming soon)

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