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Smart Panel

Laptop Operation (Legacy Classrooms)

  1. Connect one end of the VGA cable to your laptop/adapter and the other end to the VGA input on the Smart Panel.
  2. On the Smart Panel, press 'ON' and select Laptop by pressing the button under the laptop label.
  3. If audio from the laptop is needed, connect an audio cable from your laptop to the audio jack on the Smart Panel.
  4. If no image is shown, please visit the following page: Duplicate Image

DVD/VHS Operation

  1. On the Smart Panel, select DVD or VHS by pressing the button under the DVD or VHS label. After this, please ensure that the DVD/VHS Player is on.
  2. Turn on amplifier and and adjust the 'Master' and 'DVD'/'VHS' volume to your desired level. 
  3. If a remote control is needed, you may check one out at our main office.


Smart Box

Smart Box User Guide (pdf)

Picture of a Smart Box:

smart box in classroom

Smart Boxes perform the same functions as Smart Panels. Only the Layout is different.

A Smart Box has a hinged shelf that pulls down.  It contains the VCR/DVD Player and a place to set your laptop computer.

VCR and DVD combo in Smart Box hinged shelf

Powering Up

The On/Off Switch for the Audio Amplifier is in the lower left corner of the unit below the shelf hinge. Please turn this switch on if you plan on using audio.

Smart Box Power Button

All Smart Box Operations begin by pressing the Projector ON button.

  • The Smart Box will not power up immediately. You must wait for the Red Light to stop flashing before going to the next step. 

Smart Box Button Panel


Laptop Operation

Connect one end of the VGA cable to the monitor port on the laptop. Connect the other end to the VGA input port on the Smart Box.

Smart Box VGA Port

If your laptop doesn’t have VGA port on your laptop, you will need an adapter. If the adapter did not come with your laptop you may need to purchase one.


If you need audio from the laptop, connect an audio cable from the audio out port on the laptop to audio jack on the laptop module of the Smart Box:

Press button under laptop label



If no image is showing on the projection screen, you will need to enable external video on your laptop as follows:

  1. For Windows-based laptops, press the Windows key simultaneously with 'P'. After this, select 'Duplicate'.
  2. If you have a Mac computer:
    • Please go to 'System Preferences', and choose 'Displays'. After this, click on the 'Arrangement' tab and check the box next to 'Mirror Displays'.

Graphic designs by Chris Brocoff and Rod Lalama, CSULB art and film majors, respectively. Copyright, 2010.

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