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The iPad combines robust computational functionality with a screen large enough to serve as a legitimate replacement for printed textbooks and other course materials, with the added benefits of interactivity (Educause, 2011).

iPad Applications Seen on Campus

Download the apps from the App Store located on your iPad.

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iPads in the Classroom

The iPad and Netbook have special capabilities and will need to be tested by the instructor or student in order to work with the Smart Panels in the classroom.

  • The iPad does not have the features that a traditional laptop might have i.e. HDMI (video), DVI, USB/Flash drive, and SD slots.  It requires an iPad adaptor to connect to the VGA cable, similar to what all Mac laptops require. The adaptor can be purchased in the bookstore or online.
  • Some Netbooks do not have VGA cable output and might not have enough memory to support viewing videos in class.

Please consider these product capabilities and test them before using them in the classroom.

More information about the iPad

  • Adobe Flash as well as other video apps do not work on the iPad.
    • The majority of YouTube videos should work.
  • The online Apple App Store is the tool to download and install apps on an iPad.
    • You will need to enter your iTunes account and password to install or update apps on your device.
    • There should be an App Store icon on your ipad.  Click the icon to access the App Store.
  • Limited multitasking. Most apps can only be run one at a time.
  • File sharing was commonly performed via email however, new apps are supporting online file storage.
  • BeachBoard works on the ipad. Beginning August '12, instructors will be able to use the Assignment Grader (for a fee).
  • Elluminate web conferencing is available on the iPad.  
  • Printing directly from the iPad is limited on the older iPad operating system.  The new iPad operation systems includes a printing option.
    • If you have things you want to print in the older operating system, you need to move the documents from the iPad to a “real computer” and print from there:
        • Email the item to yourself.
        • Sync your iPad.
          • Under Devices > select the name of your ipad > click Apps in the menu bar > scroll down to File Sharing > click  Pages (if you have documents) and your files will be located under Pages Documents.  You can now save your file to your computer.
  • Battery life varies depending on usage patterns, but a typical full charge may last 10+ hours.
    • It is a good idea to bring your wall charger with you when you are using the iPad for an extended period of time.
    • Charging the iPad through the USB port of your computer may or may not work. It depends on whether or not your computer has a powered USB port.
  • If you connect your iPad to a projector,
    • App v1
      • The app determines what is projected. You need to test each app with a projector to know what can be shared with the public.  For example, PowerPoint will not work.  You will need to utilize Apple's Keynote.
    • App v2-4
      • Most apps will work with a classroom projector.  Please test each app in class to verify beforehand.

 If you have any questions or would like to contact instructors using these apps, please email