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Student Registration

  1. Do I have to register my i>clicker?
    • Your instructor should tell you if s/he expects you to register your clicker in one of the first few classes of the term. Some instructors opt for students to use i>clicker to respond to questions during class anonymously and never require students to register.
    • Most instructors, though, do require you to register your clicker online. Often, they use your clicker responses to assign points as a reward for participating in class and/or to assign points for selecting correct answers. In order to give you credit for using your clicker during class, registration is then essential. You will want to be sure to register by the deadline given by your instructor.
  2. How do I register my i>clicker?
  3. How do I register a used i>clicker?
    • You register a used i>clicker remote in the exact same manner as a new i>clicker remote. You need not do anything special or different in order to register a used remote.
  4. I am using the same i>clicker I registered last semester, do I need to register again?
    • Yes, you need to register your clicker at the beginning of every term.
  1. Where do I find my clicker ID?
    • Your clicker ID (or remote ID) is a series of 8 numbers and letters located the back of the remote, just below the i>clicker instructions.


  2. Are there zeros or the letter O in my clicker ID?
    • Your clicker ID may contain the number zero, but will not contain the letter O.
  3. I see I need to enter my student ID on the i>clicker Web Registration site. What is my student ID?
    • Your student/campus ID is assigned to you by your school.
  4. Where do I enter my school name during online registration?
    • You do not need to enter your school during online registration. You only need to enter your first and last name, your campus/student ID (see above), and your i>clicker remote ID, located on the white sticker on the back of your remote.
  5. How can I tell if I have successfully registered online?
    • After you have successfully registered via the i>clicker website, you will receive the following confirmation message: "Thanks! Your clicker has been registered with the system." You will not, however, receive a confirmation email, as i>clicker doesn’t like to collect email address as it could violate student privacy laws.
  6. I use my i>clicker remote for multiple classes with different professors. Do I have to register online for each individual class?
    • No. You only need to register online once per term for your registration information to apply to all of the classes in which you are using i>clicker. 
  7. My professor is using the in-class registration method. How exactly does this work?
    • It is very easy. From the scrolling names, look for your name and/or student ID. When your name appears in "Step Two," a letter will appear to the right of your student ID. Press that letter on your i>clicker remote. A second letter will appear to the right of your student ID in "Step Three". Press that second letter and you have now successfully registered your i>clicker remote.
  8. What if my name scrolls off the screen before I can complete Step 2 or 3?
    • No problem; you’ll have your opportunity again. Just wait for your name to appear at the top of the screen again. Names will continue to scroll on the screen until all students have registered.
  9. What is the cost of registering my i>clicker?
    • There is no cost. After purchasing your clicker, it is yours to use in as many classes as required without any additional costs or recurring registration fees.
  10. I registered with incorrect information when registering online. How can I fix it?
    • If you used incorrect information during the website registration process, please register again with the correct information.
  11. I registered online but my instructor says I have not registered yet.
    • This could be caused by two possible factors:
      • Have you voted in class with your remote yet? If you have not voted with your i>clicker remote, then your instructor’s iGrader will not recognize your registration.
      • You may have entered the incorrect i>clicker remote ID or the wrong student ID. Re-register online using the correct information and the incorrect registration will simply be ignored.
  12. How do I un-register my remote?
    • There is no need to un-register your remote, even if you will no longer be using it. Registration does not alter the i>clicker remote in any way, and the registration database is cleared automatically at the end of each semester.

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