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i>clicker for Students

Want to click but need a remote?

You can purchase i>clicker remotes through the campus bookstore.  There is a standard one-year limited warranty available with each clicker. If you are having problems with your remote, contact iclicker Support or by phone at 1-866-209-5698. The i>clicker2 student remote, unlike the older remote, has a screen that allows you to view the battery level, remote frequency, and set and send your alphanumeric answer. If your professor is creating numeric or alphanumeric responses, you will need the i>clicker2 student remote. If your professor is just using the standard A-E responses, the old remote (without the screen) will work fine. i>clicker does offer a new mobile version (Web Clicker); however, the campus is not supporting this version.

If your clicker is defective

If you purchased it through the campus bookstore, you may return it to the bookstore--you must have your receipt and it must be within 365 days of the date of purchase on the receipt. If a particular department on your campus provided it to you, you will need to check with that department to determine their replacement policy. If you purchased a previously-used clicker, you will need to consult with that particular source for replacement options.

The battery life is approximately 200 hours. The "Low Battery" light will flash red when you need to replace your batteries. Once this light begins flashing, you have less than 10 hours of battery power remaining.  We recommend that you replace the batteries with Energizer brand batteries.

NOTE: Please DO NOT use Duracell batteries as they are shorter than other batteries and therefore not suitable for i>clicker remotes.

DEFECTIVE REMOTES: i>clicker remotes have an exceptionally low defective rate. Most remotes returned as defective simply need three new size AAA batteries. If you are having trouble with your remote, please first replace ALL THREE batteries. On occasion, the third battery will stick in the compartment and requires a tap to release it If you continue to have trouble, contact i>clicker technical support for guidance.

For Technical Support Contact the CSULB Technology Service Desk (TSD) at 1(562)985-4959 via email at help desk.