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i>clicker FAQs

If you have a technical question and do not find your answer here, please contact technical support at from i>clicker support or 866-209-5698.


  1. Where do I purchase an iClicker remote?
    • Clicker remotes can be purchased at the University Bookstore. The bookstore only sell the iClicker 2 remote
  2. Can I use an old iClicker remote?
    • If your professor is only asking multiple choice A-E quesitons, then older remotes will work as well.
  3. Can I use the mobile app version of iClicker?
    • Ask your professor if they will allow you to use the mobile app version of iClicker before purchasing a subscription to it. Our department does not provide any support with the mobile version, if you run into issues, contact
  4. How do I register my remote?
    • To register your remote:
      1. Log into BeachBoard.
      2. Click on your course.
      3. Click iClicker from the course navigation.
      4. Enter remote ID.
      5. Click register.
    • If you do not see iClicker on the course navigation, contact your instructor.
    • Do not register your remote at
  5. Why is a clicker required for my class?
    • Like many instructors, yours has decided that incorporating classroom response system technology helps foster discussion among your classmates, gives your instructor a clear sense of how the class is doing, and ultimately improves comprehension and learning. These results have been confirmed repeatedly by education studies.
  6. How do I turn on/off my i>clicker?
    • Once you remove your clicker from its packaging, you will need to pull the clear plastic "Pull" tab from the back of the remote to activate the batteries.
      • For older remotes, screenless remote: On the front of your clicker you will notice there are 6 options: A, B, C, D, E, and On/Off. The On/Off button is what you press to both turn it on (resulting in a sold blue light by the "Power" indicator at the top of your clicker) and off (removing the solid blue light).
      • For the new i>clicker2 remote: On the front of your clicker you will notice a screen, Delete, Send, four arrow keys, a blue "refresh"  button, an orange power button, and 6 alphabetic options: A-E. To turn on, press the orange power button. The screen will display, momentarily, the frequency the remote is set to, and the remote ID. To turn off, click the orange power button. 
  7. How do I change my remote frequency?
    • For older remotes, press and hold the on/off button until the blue light begins to flash.Type in the new frequency letters, like AA or BB.
    • For the new i>clicker2 remote: press and hold the on/off button until the screen shows the frequency letters blinking. Type in the new frequency letters, like AA or BB.
  8. How long will my batteries last?
    • New batteries supply approximately 200 hours of use.
      • For older remotes, screenless remote: The "Low Battery" light will flash red when you need to replace your batteries. Once this light begins flashing, you have 10 hours or less of battery power remaining. Your clicker uses 3 AAA batteries, which are inexpensive to replace. New i>clicker remotes come with 3 AAA batteries.
      • For the new i>clicker2 remote: The battery level is displayed at all times (while on) in the upper right of the screen. Your clicker uses 2 AAA batteries. New remotes come with 2 AAA batteries.
  9. How do I change my batteries?
    • For older remotes, screenless remote: On the back of your i>clicker is a small slot. You will need to insert a paperclip or similar device (such as the tip of a pen) to release the battery cover, allowing you to remove and replace the batteries. Replace all 3 AAA batteries with any brand except Duracell.
    • For the new i>clicker2 remote: Press and slide down the bottom panel on the back of your remote. Then, remove and replace the batteries.Replace both AAA batteries with any brand except Duracell.
  10. What if I forget to turn off my i>clicker?
    • i>clicker remotes have two battery-saving features. As long as a remote is actively communicating with a receiver (i.e. you are using it to vote), the remote will remain on for 90 minutes after the last vote. If a remote is accidentally turned on or buttons are compressed but the remote is not communicating with a receiver (i.e. in a backpack or purse), the remote will automatically turn off after 5 minutes.
  11. What if I am having problems with my i>clicker?
    • There is a standard one-year limited warranty on your clicker. If a problem occurs during class, let your instructor know immediately. He or she may have a loaner clicker available for you to use for the duration of the class. If your clicker is defective, your process of returning it will depend upon how you obtained it. If you purchased it through the bookstore, you will need to check with the bookstore on their return policy. If a particular department on your campus provided it to you, you will need to check with that department to determine their replacement policy. If you purchased a previously-used clicker, you will need to consult with that particular source for replacement options.

Receiving Credit For Responses

  1. How do I receive credit for my responses?
    • If your instructor is giving credit for correct responses and/or give participation/attendance points, you will need to register your i>clicker remote.
  2. Could my responses be confused with others?
    • No. Because your remote ID is unique, once registered, the remote will only be tied to you. Note: even though you can share your i>clicker remote with a roommate or friend, you cannot share it with another student in the same class.
  3. Do I automatically get credit for my responses?
    • This is a decision your instructor will make. S/he has the option to assign points for participation, to assign points for correct responses, or to simply use your responses for attendance purposes. Your class syllabus or course web site will generally include the grading policy for the course, including the policies for clicker questions.
  4. How do I know if my vote has been received?
    • If you are using the old, screenless remote: At the top of your clicker are three light indicators (Power, Low Battery, and Vote Status). The "Vote Status" light will flash green, indicating your vote has been received and confirmed. A red flashing light indicates that your vote was not received and you will need to vote again. Your clicker will also flash red if you vote when your instructor has not begun polling or has stopped polling.
    • If you are using the new i>clicker2: Once you have voted (either by just selecting A-E for normal A-E polling or by pressing Send after a numeric or alphanumeric response) a checkmark will appear on the screen. If your vote was not received a circle with slash through it will flash on the screen. If the instructor has not begin polling, CLOSED will appear under the symbol. If it the remote is not detecting a base (because it is on a different frequency), NO BASE will appear at the bottom.
  5. Can I change my response?
    • You are able to change your response as long as the polling remains active. As long as your instructor is accepting votes, i>clicker will record just your last response. Once your instructor stops polling, any vote change will not be recorded (and your "Status" light will flash red three times or CLOSED will appear on the screen).
    • Not sure if your instructor is still polling? Look on the floating polling bar on his/her screen. If you do not see a red light and clock (either counting up or down), polling has likely been closed.

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