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Start a Polling Session

After creating a course you are ready to start a session and begin polling. Once polling is started, students can begin answering your polling questions with their i>clicker remotes.


NOTE: If any of your students are using web>clicker in your class, you must enable web>clicker before you begin polling (see web>clicker/SPS Setup in General Settings). CSULB does NOT support web>clicker/SPS. Please contact ITSS if you have any questions.

To begin polling:

  1. Create or select a course from the Welcome to i>clicker window.
  2. The i>clicker Home Page appears. Click the Start Session button.

    iclicker Home Page
    Select Start Session from the i>clicker Home Page
  3. The i>clicker Home Page disappears and the Session Toolbar appears in the top-left corner of your screen, indicating that i>clicker is active. You can reposition the toolbar anywhere on your desktop.

NOTE: If you are using a base receiver with 3.03 firmware or earlier, you will see the "classic" i>clicker toolbar. If you are using a receiver with firmware 4.05 or later you will see the new toolbar which supports numeric and alphanumeric questions. For the purposes of this user guide, we will use illustrations of the new toolbar.

  1. When you are ready to start polling, advise your students to turn on their clickers, present the question and answer choices (either verbally or visually), and click the button that matches the type of question you are asking: multiple choice Multiple Choice Button, numeric Toolbar Numeric Button, or alphanumeric Toolbar Alphanumeric Button.

    iclicker Session Toolbar
    i>clicker Session Toolbar ready to start

TIP: If you are using the standard i>clicker remotes (A-E only) or only plan to ask multiple choice (A-E) questions, you can customize the toolbar so that it only displays the A-E, Results Chart, and Options buttons. See My Settings for instructions on customizing the session toolbar.

Customized Session Toolbar
i>clicker Session Toolbar with A-E polling only

  1. The Question Type button toggles to become a Stop button Stop Button and the toolbar expands to show a timer and vote counter when polling is active.

    Session Toolbar Stop
    i>clicker Session Toolbar with multiple choice (A-E) polling active

TIP: If you use presentation software to display your questions (e.g., PowerPoint or Keynote), make sure it's the active application when you start polling by clicking on the presentation window. Each time polling begins, i>clicker captures a screenshot of the active window and stores it along with polling results for later review in i>grader.

  1. To stop polling, click the Stop button Stop Button and i>clicker will no longer accept votes.

NOTE: If students vote when polling is inactive, the Vote Status light on their remotes will flash red three times to indicate their votes were not received (i>clicker remote) or they will see a CLOSED message on their LCD (i>clicker2 remote).

  1. If desired, click the Results button Results Button on the toolbar to show a graph of the class responses. See Viewing Student Responses for more details.
  2. Repeat steps 4 - 6 for each question you ask in class. When you are finished polling, close the Session Toolbar by clicking the Close (x) button in the top left corner of the toolbar.

TIP: You can use an instructor's remote to control polling from anywhere in the room. (See Instructor's Remote ID in General Settings.)

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