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The i>grader Reports option creates summary information in an easily readable and printable format. Clicking the Reports button Reports Icon generates the reports listed below:

Report Summary Window
Report Summary window

Term/Session Summary and Review

The Term/Session Summary and Review report provides a breakdown of polling data, both for your term to date and for individual sessions. No individual student scores or votes are included in this report, making it ideal to share with your class as a post-lecture study guide. The linked Summary Review reports contain individual question statistics, the screenshots taken when you began polling (which should contain each individual question), and the voting results graphs for each session.

Student Voting Data

The Student Voting Data report contains grades for your individual students, by session and by question. Cumulative Student Scores provides you with a review of each student's performance for each i>clicker session. The reports can be opened and printed using any web browser. They can also be posted to a course web site or course management system (We recommend using Adobe Acrobat to post the reports, but you can also post as HTML files/pages with a little bit of work).

The Term/Session Summary and Review report and the Student Voting Data report are both placed directly in your course folder within the iclicker Win\Classes or i>clicker Mac:Classes folder. You may access and open them from that location at any time. All other reports (Summary and Question Data for single sessions, and Student Score reports) are linked from one of these two reports or accessible from the Reports folder within your course folder.


TIP: You can update reports as often as you need--the old reports are simply over-written with your most recent data. Your Term/Session Summary Review report will contain general information about each session as shown below.

Term Session Summary Review Report
Term/Session Summary and Review Report

To view more detailed session information, click Session Summary and Question Data for any session, to display the Session Summary report. The Session Summary data is displayed at the top of this report, followed by information about individual questions. Scroll down, or click a question title to jump to the question information.

Session Summary and Question Data Report
Session Summary Report

Click your Course Title to return to the Term Summary report.

For each individual question you may review a screen capture of the question, voting results graph, and the number of students who selected each answer.

Session Summary Report
Question results with screen capture and Results Chart


TIP: The Session Summary reports are ideal to share with your students after class.

Your Student Voting Data report is similar to the Term Summary report, only instead of links to individual Session Summary reports, you will now see links to a detailed report of student responses for each session. At the top of this report will be a link to View Cumulative Student Scores. These student reports provide you with an easily printable overview of your student's entire performance with i>clicker, and are particularly helpful for struggling students.

Before creating your HTML reports, the system will ask you what student information you'd like to include in the student reports. You may include your students' last name, first name, student ID, and remote ID in any combination. Your customizations will affect how individual student data will be displayed in the Student Voting Data and Cumulative Student Score reports.

Report Settings
Report Settings window

The Cumulative Student Scores link will bring you to the Student Term Report. Note that the student

  • Student last name, first name, student ID
  • Their total number of points for the term
  • Their point average
  • The number of points received for each individual polling session

Student Term Report
Student Term Report

To view your students responses click on the session title/date at the top of the column and you will quickly receive a complete review of each student's activity during the session.

If you have designated a correct`answer for any of the questions, it will appear in this report in green and incorrect answers will appear in red. If you did not designate a correct answer, the voting choices will appear in black.

Student Session Report
Student Session Report

The table shown below lists each student's answer to each question. Clicking the question titles in this report will show you the relevant information from the Session Summary and Question Data report described above.

Student Answers Report
Student answer choices


TIP: Clicking on any of the session titles will bring you to the same report as the Student Reponses link for that session in the Student Data report.


TIP: If you are using Internet Explorer to view the HTML reports, you can right-click on any blank space within a table in your report and select Export to Microsoft Excel. This will open an Excel spreadsheet containing information from the table you selected. To export information from more than one table in the report, click on a blank space outside of the report and you will be prompted to select tables to export to Excel.

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