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Registering Your Students’ Remotes

The i>clicker system may be used as a simple tool to give you instant, anonymous feedback in class, in which case no registration procedure is necessary. However, if you (like most instructors) want to go a bit further and give credit to your students for class participation and/or performance, you will need to:

  1. Associate each of your students with the unique serial number on their i>clicker remotes (i.e., Registration).
  2. Decide on the grading details for each session of your class (see Assigning Credit for Sessions and Questions).

TIP: Research studies show (Caldwell, J.E. “Clickers in the large classroom: Current research and best-practice tips.” Life Sciences Education, 6(1), 9-20, 2007.) that students participate and vote using clickers more consistently when clicker points are worth at at least 10% of their overall grade. When clickers are worth 5% or less of the total course grade, students take voting less seriously and participate less frequently.


IMPORTANT: DO NOT use the following instructions for registering students if you are using i>clicker with BeachBoard. Click here for specific instructions for BeachBoard.

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