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Managing Unregistered Clicker and Student Data

i>grader contains tools that allow you to search and delete batches of unregistered clicker records and generate reports of unregistered students. To access these tools, click the Unregistered Students & Remotes icon Unregistered Students and Remotes Icon.

Unregistered i>clicker(s)

The View and Select Unregistered i>clicker(s) to be deleted window appears. You will have the option to toggle between two screens: Unregistered i>clicker(s) and Unregistered student(s).

Unregistered Clickers Window
Unregistered i>clicker(s) tab in the View and Select Unregistered i>clicker(s) to be deleted window

The Unregistered i>clicker(s) tab details votes from clickers that have not been registered to any student in your roster. You may see votes from unregistered clickers if students have not yet registered successfully, if students accidentally brought a friend or roommate's i>clicker remote to class with them, or if students voted in only a few sessions and then dropped the class.


TIP: If you have a very large class or if your class deadline for registration has not yet passed, you may have a large number of unregistered clickers in i>grader. To help you manage your course information, use the Search option to filter the results list.

The Search option allows you to select unregistered remote IDs meeting specific criteria.

Search Window
Search Options window

For example, let's say that several students voted only once or twice before dropping your class, and never registered. You can use the Search option to search for unregistered remotes with averages or total points in a very low range (such as between 0 and 10 total points). When you click Search, the Search Options window will disappear and all remotes matching your criteria will have a check in the Remote ID column.

To use another example, a student may email you and tell you that the remote ID number on the back of his i>clicker remote has partially rubbed off and as a result he can't complete the web registration. You can search for the remote ID using the Remote ID Containing field and find it in your records.

Unregistered Student(s)

The Unregistered Student(s) tab allows you to compile a list of students who have not yet registered.

From this screen, you have the option to export the list of unregistered students in two formats: comma-separated (.csv) or text (.txt). Choosing either of these options will create a file named Unregistered Student List in your course folder.

Unregistered Students Window
Unregistered i>clicker(s) tab in the View and Select Unregistered i>clicker(s) to be deleted window


NOTE: While you can create two separate files using this tool, exporting the same type of file more than once will overwrite your data. For example, if you have previously exported this list to CSV, then clicking Export to CSV again will overwrite the existing file, but clicking Export to Text will not.

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